Diymike’s 10-second Pink Widow


What’s we call “10-second-car” means?

It always means a car that can complete a quarter mile starting from a standstill in 10 seconds or less.

What excited Diymike(Carlos, Chris, Mike ) is that they finished build the fastest 10-second Honda car(The Pink Widow) with the least amount of money.

The Pink Widow is what started Diymike Youtube journey. It’s been a long journey for Diymike and they would like to start the 10 second journey. From starting to picked out the Honda Rods and T70 Turbo of MaXpeedingRods, Diymike did all the building, tuning and driving of the Pink Widow, to rebuild her to became the world cheapest all motor 10 Sec Honda.

In the 10-second challenge late last year, the Pink Widow won the championship for Diymike, proved that she is the fastest and quickest. From the video below, Diymike shared their joy and thanks for MaXpeedingRods. Congratulation they did a 100% perfect build project–The worlds fastest, quickest and cheapest 10 sec car ever.

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