Ford Series: Awesome Cars From The Activity


Part 8 of Car Sharinga one-month car event held by MaXpeedingRods. Until now, hundreds of totally vehicles are shared by our customers and friends from all over the world, including Volkswagen, Honda, BWM, Toyota, Nissan and Fiat cars, etc.

Here is a photo gallery of some of the Ford cars that caught our eye.

1. Ford Mustang From Dylan Macabeo

Dylan Macabeo: I currently use the s197 coilovers in my drift mustang. I love the quality and bang for MaXpeedingRods’s buck. The mustang has improved greatly thanks to MaXpeedingRods’s coilovers and many hours of custom fabrication to the front and rear suspension geometry. We cut and extended lower control arms for caster adjustment and camber.

2. Ford Mustang From Fran Matteucci

Fran Matteucci: From argentina Fiesta mk3 1.3@1.6 project that little by little I carry forward I urge a turbo.


  1. Has anyone here installed the coilover kit on a SN95 Mustang? I’m having trouble figuring out how the rear coilover shock is set up. There is no room at the top for the coil to sit on the shock. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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