Coilover Noise? How To Fix It


For the riders that are experiencing the noise, what’s causing it? Well, the noises (assuming they are coilover related and not something else in your suspension and your locking rings and pre-load are set correctly) can come from two places.

The first is from the pillow ball bearings within your strut tower plate. If you are getting noises while going over bumps, this is a likely thing to look into.

The second is coil spring bind. If you are hearing noises when you turn, this is a likely thing to look at.

  • Check the nut at the top of the coilovers and make sure that it is tight. These can get loose over time and cause problems. Since it’s the easiest thing to check, do it first. You can use an Alien key to prevent the strut shaft from rotating along with a box wrench. You can also use an impact gun, but be careful to not over tighten.
  • You may be getting metal to metal contact and may need to service/grease your coilovers. Unfortunately, this involves removing them. You can see in the image below where MaXpeedingRods recommends that you apply grease(regular shop grease is fine) to areas in green.

Also, check the pillow ball bearings for play. They should be nice and tight with no up/down or side to side play.



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