How To Make K-Swap Center Feed Fuel Lines For $65


Editor’s Note: When it comes to modification, most people think of those magnificent, expensive modification projects. What you need to know is that “budget builds” are also appealing. In this passage, Angel Robles, a friend of ours will share with us his method of customizing the $65 fuel lines. Make sure to check his great video below.

We all know k-swaps could be expensive but your fuel lines don’t have to. Here I detail instructional step by step on how to make your own custom fuel lines that I purchased from MaXpeedingRods for only $65! Saving you money in the process that you could put toward other parts. I will attach the link to the fuel line below:
AN6 6AN 5M Stainless Steel Braided Oil Fuel Line+ Fitting Hose End Adapter Black

What you need are -6AN nylon braided hose with various -6AN fittings, -6AN hose clamp, -6AN inline micron fuel filter, tape measure, two 19mm wrenches, hose cutter, Scotts tape and bench vise (optional).

Step 1: Fuel rail center feed line to FPR 3′ 4″/40″ long.
Step 2: Re-tune the fuel line from FPR to hard-line 1′ 3/4 long.
Step 3: Feed line from FPR to hard-line first half 7″ 1/8 long.
Step 4: Feed line from FPR to hard-line second half 5″ 1/4 long.

Step 5: You should have a total of 4 hoses cut.
Step 6: Starting with the center feed to FPR will require 2 straight -6AN fittings with one on each end. Insert the first half of the -6AN onto the hose make sure is properly seated inside the rim.
Step 7: Make sure the hose is properly seated and flush with the inside before proceeding.
Step 8: Make sure the second half of the -6AN fitting is tight with no gaps repeat this process for the other end.
Step 9: Insert the second half of the -6AN with the two 19mm tighten. You could also use the bench vise to assist with this process.
Step 10: Center feed to FPR done.
Step 11: Now take the Return line from the FPR to the hard-line.
Step 12: Install the 45 degree -6AN same process as before.
Step 13: 45 degree -6AN fitting on one end and the -6AN hose clamp on the other end.
Step 14: Feed line first half.
Step 15: Install the two 90 degrees on each end of the hose forming a S shape.

Step 16: One end will go to the FPR and the other to the inline micron fuel filter.
Step 17: Last but least the second half of the feed line, install a straight -6AN on one end of the hose that will connect to the other end of the inline micron fuel filter. The -6AN hose clamp on the other end to the hard-line. Project finished!


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