How to Adjust Coilovers: Height, Preload, Dampening


Editor’s note: There are 24 Levels adjustable coilovers that MaXpeedingRods offers. What you need to do is adjust your ride height, preload, damper force to an ideal condition! Read on the following how-to guide to learn how to adjust.

How to adjust coilovers height

Usually, there is no height presetting to your suspension when you received it from an aftermarket auto store. You should compare with your OEM suspension and adjust to the height you desire and then install it in the car. More details can be found in the installation steps.

how to adjust coilovers height

Step 1, Loosen the fixed nut.①
Step 2, Used the wrench to loosen tighten nut.②
Step 3, Survey distance.⑤
Step 4, Tum cylinder and follow direction③ to raise or direction ④ lower.
Step 5, Tighten the lock nut② again.
Step 6, Be sure to tighten the lock nut②. A loose lock nut is extremely dangerous.
Step 7, If unnecessary, don’t loosen or move the nut.⑥

We all know that MaXpeedingRods coilovers are lowering kits that can lower 1-3 inches from OEM height. Specific lowering height may vary from vehicle to vehicle but will not be more than 3 inches.

Note: Make sure the minimum 30mm damper inserting into the lower mount when you go to the highest height.

How to adjust coilovers preload

The spring preload is “0” when assembled. You should preload it as you need. We always recommend preload range is 7-10mm. The preload set is 10mm for most of MaXpeedingRods coilovers. Too much preload will break springs.

how to adjust coilovers preload

if you want more preload,
step 1, wind the lock ring ① up to the preload you need and now measure the distance between the spring seat and spring lock ring (distance between ① & ②) and record. You need to make sure the distance is the same in right and left side coilover.
Step 2, wind the lock ring② up until it connects with the spring seat and tighten the ① & ②.

If you want less preload,
step 1, loose the lock ring ② and then wind lock ring ① down to the preload you need. measure the distance and keep the left and right side same. please make sure the springs must be fixed on the struts. loose springs will cause noise problem.
step 2, tighten the lock ring ① & ②.

The better step is that we set the preload first and next go for height adjustment. Once the preload is settled, we should not adjust it again in the process of height adjustment.

How to adjust coilovers dampening

We set the damper of the MaXpeedingRods coilovers to the hardest condition at 24 clicks. When you get the coilover, the damper is in the softest position. It’s easy to do damper setting as long as you follow the rules that turn counterclockwise for softness, and turn clockwise for hardness. 

how to adjust coilovers dampening
  1. Turn the button clockwise(Direction H) to strengthen the damper force.
  2. Turn the button counter-clockwise(Direction S) to weaken the damper force.
  3. 24 levels of damping force must adjust the shock of the left and right side at the same time, otherwise drivers feel uncomfortable


  • Level 0-8 suggest daily street use.
  • Level 9-16 suggest mountain anfractuosity use.
  • Level 17-24 suggest occasional race tracks use.

Ride feelings vary from person to person, we suggest that you do a road test and find the most suitable setting for yourself.


  1. Hi,
    Does anybody know what’s making the clacking sound on my front coilovers, it sounds like there’s something loose but all is tight. these are brand new out of box can anyone help

  2. Can not set the preload, run out of threads before spring is seated securely. The compression and rebound feel good. Is it possible to reduce the length of rebound in the shock arm?

  3. Hello.
    My front coiloverd have 24 adjustment settings, as they should have. But the ones in the back have only 17. Does this mean the damper is broken? What can I do about it?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hello.
    My front coilovers have 24 adjustment settings, but the ones in the back only have 17. Is this normal or is something broken?
    Subaru Impreza GC8

  5. Level 0-8 suggest for occasional race tracks use.
    Level 9-16 suggest for mountain anfractuosity use.
    Level 17-24 suggest for daily street use.

    Is this the opposite? Shouldn’t level 17 – 24 be for occasional race use and 0 – 8 be for street use?

  6. I need help i got this coil overs install professionally on my 06 mazdaspeed6 i told the mechanic to not adjust the height as i wanted to lower it myself to my liking now the car is really raised in the back and when i do lowered it, it bounces like crazy does anybody know what i should do i really need help as this is my daily driven i want it lower and more stiff


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