Integra DC2 build

Customer Build: Integra DC2 build-GT30 on B18C Engine

Editor Note: Our friend Aido is building his 99 DC2 Integra, let's see how about his turbo set-up,keep reading!
1988 crx

6 Month CRX Coilover – How Have They Held Up?

Editor’s note: Jon Widmer, from El Paso, Texas, share his review after driving about 1,200 meters on 1988 CRX coilovers.

Hidden New Mexico Desert Gem, 1993 Civic Hatchback

Editor’s note: Jeremy grew up around engines. He was always taking things apart, putting them together, and generally not knowing what he was...
Mazda MX5 NA 1.8

Customer Build: Francisco Luis’s Mazda MX5 NA 1.8

Francisco Luis has been a car enthusiast since he was a child. He has more interest in cars through games like Gran...
bmw e36

Top Best Two BMW E36 Swap Builds

Editor's note: The BMW defines a drifter’s car. In this article, we will introduce two of our DIYers friends who are keen on drifting...
Baja Bug with a Chevy 5.7 v8 engine

Customer Build: Andy’s Trip to the Glamis Dunes with Baja Bug

Editor’s Note: Today, we talk about Dune, the Glamis dune. Glamis dune tells the story of Andy Beltran, a brilliant and gifted young...
Customer Build: Kyle Shailen and his Mercedes c200

Customer Build: a 19-year-old boy’s car

Editor note: We talk to a 19-year-old boy, we always talk games, but except Kyle Shailen. As a customer who has bought...
The BMW e46 330i is One of Marvin's Dream Car

Customer Build: Marvin’s BMW e46 330i

Editor note: Marvin is a self-proclaimed old school bimmer. To him, the BMW e46 330i means everything. Let's take a look at...
Customer' build: LB Barthelemy's 2009 FA1 Honda Civic

Customer build: LB Barthelemy’s 2009 FA1 Honda Civic

Editor Note: It was the first time for LB Barthelemy to install coilovers on his beloved car - the 2009 FA1 Honda...
Customer Build: Warren and his VW Golf Mk6

Customer Build: Warren’s VW Golfs

Editor note: Living in South Africa with inspiration and passion for cars, Warren Hester is proud of designing and building his project...