Turbocharged Engine Must Idle Before Turning Off?

Turbocharged engine must idle before turning off? Many "skilled drivers" will let you reduce the generation of carbon deposits in the

Why Your Car Is Abnormal Vibrating?

A well-functioning vehicle shouldn’t shake at any point. A “rough” or shaky idle is a sure sign your vehicle’s engine is ready...

What Causes Control Arms to Break?

A few days ago, our customer consulted me about the cause of the control arm break. Today, let me share some important information regarding...

Updating 2002 Subaru WRX with MaXpeedingRods coilover

Editor’s note: Patrick Guzowski made a big plan for Grassroots Motorsport $2000 Challenge. In this episode, he updated the 2002 Subaru WRX with MaXpeedingRods...

What is the Ideal Coilover Spring Rate for E36?

Discussing spring rates between totally different cars is pointless agreed, so we talk about variations of the BMW E-series car only this time. In the absence of other data, spring rates can reasonably be compared. What is the Ideal Coilover Spring Rate for E36? Just share a few ideas, hope that helps you in the right direction. BMW Suspension Feature Typically, BMW has slightly more weight on the front wheels than the rear, which means the rate of roll is greater in the front than in the rear. We must use more spring rates in the front to control the rate of the roll than in the rear. Ideal Coilover Spring Rate for Competition Driving

Something You Need to Know about adjustable damping coilovers.

Among the street suspensions, a considerable part of them has a damping adjustment function, so what do adjustable dampers mean for daily driving? here is something you need to know about adjustable damping coilovers. K-Value & Damping

New High Performance Connecting Rods to You

MaXpeedingRods Connecting Rods Let’s talk about the most likely parts to fail inside your high-performance engine. This isn’t...
Integra DC2 build

Customer Build: Integra DC2 build-GT30 on B18C Engine

Editor Note: Our friend Aido is building his 99 DC2 Integra, let's see how about his turbo set-up,keep reading!

Best inverter generator for RV travel

Editor:Get safer, reliable, quiet electricity in a camping, as well as at RV travels and outdoor parties, with portable inverter generator. MXR 30 Why your RV needs portable inverter generator? All of us know that we should prepare a portable generator during RV travel or outdoor camping, cause some typical things- air conditioner, microwave, and tv won’t work without 120-volt power. But why should we shop inverter generator? Compared to conventional portable generators, inverter units are more advanced: Greater fuel efficiency due to lower fuel requirements. Lower carbon emissions, making them more eco-friendly. Less distortion due to cleaner voltage. Conventional generators may damage many new electrical devices during powering, as they have a low Total Harmonic Distortion. But inverter units not, its voltage and frequency can be stable when during these devices. How to choose the right generator? 


how to adjust coilovers

How to Adjust Coilovers: Height, Preload, Dampening

Editor's note: There are 24 Levels adjustable coilovers that MaXpeedingRods offers. What you need to do is adjust your ride height, preload,...

Careers With MaXpeedingRods: Join The Business Development Family Today

At MaXpeedingRods, we have been delivering high-performance auto parts to our customers worldwide for over 10 years. And now, we're looking for...

BMW E46 Adjustable Coilovers Install Guidance

DISCLAIMER: This install guidance was authorized by Antares Cam and this install guidance is for reference purposes only. Always follow professional instructions on how...

How to Install the Adjustable Coilovers on a 1995 Honda Civic

Editor’s note:Roy White, currently fully rebuilt his 1995 Honda civic with MaXpeedingRods adjustable coilovers. In this article, he shared his using experience, particularly with...

Fiat 600 Build From Andres Emiliani

Editor’s note: MaXpeedingRods August activity,”Show and Tell Us About Your Car Building“,which is in full swing. Photos about Andres Emiliani’s car building and Description. Did it...
High-temperature Resistance of MaXpeedingRods' turbo

Difference Between T3 and T4 Turbo?

There are hundreds of turbochargers with a wide variety of sizes and physical orientations for numerous applications. In this article, we will...

A Full Break Down, Comparison and Reivew on GT2871

Editor’s note: Jermaine Kinge works for a turbocharger reconditioning company and professionally recondition and build hybrid turbos for customers. This article is about what's...

How to Adjust Coilovers Camber Plates

MaXpeedingaRods produces adjustable camber plates coilovers for some models such as BMW e36, e46, which means that these owners can try adjust camber plates...

Causes of Failure With a Connecting Rod

The break problem of a connecting rod is often caused by high heat.

How to Install Coilovers on a BMW E36 325i

Editor’s note: "I sold that e36 but I know the new owners and last i heard they still have the same MaXpeedingRods adjustable coilovers...

Upgraded GT3076 Sport-Performance Turbo Tuning Test on a Subaru STI

When people talk about race cars or high-performance sports cars, the topic of turbochargers usually comes up. Turbochargers also appear on large diesel engines....

Joel Tamm’s Build Journey Of BMW E36 And Golf MK1

Editor's note:Joel Tamm, from Mooseworks which is a potential Estonian race team,shares his BMW E36 and Golf Mk1 build story with MaXpeedingRods H-Beam Rods.