How to Adjust Coilovers Camber Plates


MaXpeedingaRods produces adjustable camber plates coilovers for some models such as BMW e36, e46, which means that these owners can try adjust camber plates to unlock the potential of your street car or drift car.

camber plates coilovers

What is a camber plate?

Camber plate is basically an adjustable adapter for your shocks. They install usually on top of the strut and allow for fine camber adjustments. Camber plates are available for most car/suspension set-ups. For coilover come with camber plate, MaXpeedingRods sets at “0” position. You can adjust the angle to meet your needs.

coilovers camber adjustment

How to adjust the camber plate?

Changing the camber of your wheels alters the shape of the contact patch with the road, affecting the amount of grip generated and steering feel. Camber plate adjustment is quick and easy.

1. The camber plate adjustment direction must be perpendicular to the driving direction.
2. Make sure the center bolt is properly tightened.
3. To fasten the top plate to the car, use a wrench or a ratchet and tighten the nuts in place.
4. To adjust the camber angle, loosen the Allen screws on the top plate, slide the camber plate to the desired position and tighten the Allen screws (5lb.ft) back. You may need to jack the vehicle in the process to remove the weight on the suspension and make the adjustment easier.
5. Use the same camber angle on each side of the vehicle.
6. To avoid tire wear, visit a wheel alignment specialist to ensure your alignment is close to manufacturer specs. Excessive tire wear may occur on the inside part of the thread (tire) pretty quickly.

Video on camber adjustment


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