Turbocharged Engine Must Idle Before Turning Off?

Must turbocharged engine idle before turning off? Many "skilled drivers" will let you reduce the generation of carbon deposits in the engine.Is that...
Integra DC2 build

Customer Build: Integra DC2 build-GT30 on B18C Engine

Editor Note: Our friend Aido is building his 99 DC2 Integra, let's see how about his turbo set-up,keep reading!

Turbo selection guide part A

The Turbocharger is a very efficient air pump to make horsepower. With hundreds of different turbochargers to choose from, how do you know...
turbo failure

22 Tips for Preventing Turbo Problems

Identify why the old turbocharger failed, if it did - miss the main cause and you will end up damaging the new turbo.
R33 Skyline

RB25DET Turbo Build: R33 Skyline Boots Again

ZacBaldy is an auto YouTuber who owns an R33 Skyline with an RB25 motor in it. It is a beautiful car that...
GT2871 vs. GT2860

GT2871 vs. GT2860: The Difference of Two Turbo Kitten Boosting

Here at MaXpeedingRods we are often asked “what turbocharger should I run on my car?” We understand that this can be a...
High-temperature Resistance of MaXpeedingRods' turbo

Difference Between T3 and T4 Turbo?

There are hundreds of turbochargers with a wide variety of sizes and physical orientations for numerous applications. In this article, we will...
Honda Civic Turbo Build

79th Production’s Honda Civic Turbo Build

79th Productions, also known by his name Justin, has a channel mainly focused on the fun and affordable car world. Specifically, 79th...
MaXpeedingRods Turbo Review

The 1-GFE Engine Get the New T3 Turbo

Editor note: This article is kindly shared by Levente, the Youtuber LEVIHOOLIGAN. He is a mechanic as well as the head of a...

235,000 Mile Golf MK4 Gets Unique Performance Style

Many people choose to modify their cars in order to improve their vehicle’s performance, especially for enthusiasts. People can take fundamental steps...