Tips You Must Pay Attention To Before Replacing Coilovers


Coilovers are a vulnerable part of the process of car use. The working quality of the coilovers will directly affect the stability of the car and the life of other parts. Therefore, we should keep them in good working condition. The replacement of shock absorption is a problem that every car owner is bound to face. Here are three tips that you should pay attention to before mounting the new coilover.

Ride height adjustment

Many people take it for granted that the height of the new coilover is adjusted to the same height as the stock one or the previous one. In fact, you need to adjust to a suitable height according to the new coilover. In this way, it will properly get the shock absorber to engage will going down the road.

Coilover noise

Many people will face the problem of coilover noise after the replacement. It’s probably because the rear shocks are in improper height. If the rear shocks are set “too long” for the ride height set by the spring perches, the springs will clunk around due to the suspension travel being too great and letting the springs get loose. That is a user error thing, so pay attention to it.

Rusty coilover

Rusty coilovers are a problem that baffles many owners, especially in cold and humid winters. The coilover, which was originally good-quality, rusted when the winter passed, which greatly affected the driving experience. So what to do when the coilovers are rusted? First, clean up the dirt attached to the shock-absorbing surface. Then spray the water-displacing spray and scrub with a wire brush. Most of the rust will be cleaned up.


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