15 Common Product Questions & Answers


MaXpeedingRods team often receives messages from customers to inquire about product-related issues. To ensure that all customers have a good shopping experience, in this passage we have summarized the 15 most frequently asked questions.

Q: What size is the inlet of the GT3582 turbo?
The exhaust inlet is 4.25 x 3.5 inches, and the air intake is 3 inches.

Q: Whether there was a specific distance for safety between the heater and anything else (product code: AH-LCD-V4)?
It will be better to leave at least 10 cm of space behind the air inlet of the heater to facilitate the machine to circulate the hot air.

Q: What is the material of the mirror covers (product code: HSJ-FOD9907-LR)?
the main body is ABS, and the surface is electroplated chrome.

Q: How to set the coilover preload to factory specification?
Use a tool spring compressor, first let the spring in its natural state, then compress it by 10-15mm, and lock the bottom.

Q: Does the GGT2871 turbo need an oil restrictor?
No, it does not require an oil restrictor.

Q: What kind of oil restriction agent is needed for the GGT2871 turbo?
The turbo comes with a built-in oil limiter which on the oil inlet and aperture of it is 2mm.

Q: Can I install the air heater under the chassis of my van protected by a plate (product code: AH-LCD-2KW)?
It is best not to install the machine too close to the ground, as it will easily cause intake and exhaust compensation, and it will easily emit white smoke and not catch fire.

Q: Is there an anti-corrosion design for air suspension?
The protective cover itself only insulates foreign objects such as dust, and the metal part has corrosion resistance.

Q: What’s the material and maximum load of the launching wheels (product code: WH-LW136)?
The material is 304 stainless steel and the maximum load is 100KG.

Q: How much pressure can the GGTT3 turbo withstand?
The pressure this turbo can withstand is 1.5bar.

Q: What’s the diameter of the bottom mounting point that would insert into the hub (product code: CO-GLF7-BG-LC)?
It’s 61mm at the upper end and 50mm at the lower end.

Q: What is the maximum pressure value the air spring bag can withstand (product code: SB-2S70-13X2-LC)?
The maximum pressure value that this air spring bag can withstand is 2.6Mpa.

Q: Does the oil filter housing adapter come with o-ring gaskets (product code: OCC-5583AF)?
Yes, there are seals in the product to prevent oil leakage.

Q: What are the diameter and wall thickness of the rod (product code: CA-JEE-L-G-LC)?
The outer diameter is 42mm and the wall thickness is 5mm.

Q: Is the oil line suitable for t25 turbo (product code: OFLORL-LC-V2)?
No, this one is only suitable for the T3 series.


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