The Secret in MaXpeedingRods Turbine Blades


At the recently ended China Essen Motor Show 2019, many turbochargers produced by MaXpeedingRods attracted a lots of visitors there. For these different types of turbines, many people raised the same question: What is the difference between the golden turbine blades(CNC precision machined forged high-strength aluminum blades) and the silver turbine blades?

We will answer this question in detail here. In this article, we’ll learn how a turbocharger increases the power output of an engine while surviving extreme operating conditions. We’ll also learn how MaXpeedingRods golden turbine blades help turbochargers do their job even better. 

MaXpeedingRods Turbos on China Essen Motor Show 2019

If it is simply said, we can understand that the turbocharger with golden blades is a sport-perfomance product. It can bring greater boost value and produce more power for the engine. But if we dig deeper into its principles, then we have more to say.

MaXpeedingRods street-perfomance turbo with silver blades

What we all knows, the essence of a turbocharger is actually an air compressor. The turbocharger integrates two impellers, one on the exhaust side and one on the intake side. The exhaust gas from the engine pushes the impeller on the exhaust side to rotate, thereby driving the impeller on the intake side to rotate, filling more air into the engine, and producing more power. In other words, a turbocharger can be understood as a fan that constantly blows air into the engine.

MaXpeedingRods sport-perfomance turbo with golden blades

Everyone knows that in the turbofan engine of an aircraft, its blades are the absolute core technology. The shape, strength, weight and even surface smoothness of the blades affect the efficiency of the engine. The same is true of vehicle turbines. The aerodynamic design of the turbine blades determines whether it can efficiently inject air into the engine. The strength of the fan blade determines that it can resist the strong centrifugal force brought by the high speed above 10,000 rpm and the high temperature brought by the exhaust end.

The street-perfomance turbo & the sport-perfomance turbo

MaXpeedingRods sport-perfomance turbo with CNC precision machined forged high-strength aluminum blades. CNC precision machining technology can ensure the high precision of the turbine blade shape and its aerodynamic performance. At the same time, high-precision cutting ensures the smoothness of the blades. During high-speed rotation, the air resistance of the blades is further reduced, and its air intake efficiency is improved.

MaXpeedingRods golden blade

The forged high-strength aluminum blade has higher strength than the ordinary version of the turbine blade. In the environment of high temperature and high centrifugal force, it can still ensure that its shape will not change and ensure durability. In addition, the forging process and lightweight aluminum material further reduce the blade’s self-weight, making it have lower self-inertia, allowing the MaXpeedingRods turbocharger to respond fasternd giving you an on-call power experience.


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