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National Name Your Car Day every year on October 2nd encourages a special commitment to your cars. Our cars do a lot for us and if you think about it, a lot of us spend more time with our cars than we do most humans. They are always there for us whenever we need them and we take such good care of each other. So why not take the time to choose a good name for your daily companion On Name Your Car Day?
MaXpeedingRods wanted to encourage you to share these names with us and give those four wheels a fun gift in return.

Activity Time

From Sept. 14th to Oct. 4th

Activity Method

Step1: Like and follow @MaXpeedingRods page on facebook.
Step2: Share a nice picture of your car below our activity post,
and name of your car.
Step3: Invite friends to like your comment.

We will select the winner based on the number of likes and give your daily companion a fun gift in return.


First Prize: Optional Products Under $300
Quantity: 1
Second Prize: MaXpeedingRods T-shirt
Quantity: 20
Third Prizes: MaXpeedingRods Car Sticker
Quantity: 50


  • Everyone can participate in our activities, so forward it to your friends to join us!
  • We will count the results on Oct.6th, and then contact you on Facebook, please pay attention to your inbox.
  • We will mail prizes to winners for free. But if the prize needs to be shipped from Hong Kong, the winner shall bear the duties.


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