Video: Driving 4 Answers Tells Truths About 48 IDF Carbutetors


No matter how much you like modern stuff, you like power, there is always a special little place reserved for carburetors in the hearts of every car lovers. It is this beautiful analog fully mechanical thing that make your engine run with zero electronics. So the definition of old school cool.

In this video, our friends driving 4 answers is announcing a new build on his D4A channel. It’s an Alfa Romeo V6 Busso build that will feature triple MaXpeedingRods 48 IDF carburetors peering through the hood of an Alfa Romeo GTV6.

“It is a downdraft carbutetor, which means it sits on the engine, the air comes in from above and goes down through the carbutetor.” D4A shared with us his intuitive feelings about the 48 IDF carbutetors from three aspects below.

1. Quality

The carburetors that will be used on the engine are 48 IDF downdraft carburetors made by MaXpeedingRods. They make everything they sell which is quality control and also better for the product itself. Everything seems to be galvanized or coated in something else which makes it very corrosion resistant.

2. Appearance

The product looked really amazing. It was clean and smooth without any casting flash. The bolting hardware looked really nice. The machine surface was very beautiful, properly and accurately machined.

3. Affordable price

D4A thought MaXpeedingRods 48 IDF catburetor is one tenth of the price of other brands we may know or even less, but it does the same thing, it works just as well. These are very affordable yet very well made carbs that will ensure an incredible soundtrack and throttle response for the V6 lump.

D4A’s Busso V6 build has already reached some significant milestones and in the near future he will be featuring the Busso V6 engine assembly, install, first start, first drive and more important events for this engine. Stay tuned for more updates from D4A’s really cool build, and shop 48 IDF carburetors on to be part of this.


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