Air Controller for Air Spring Bag Kit: Benefits and Application Scenarios

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Pickup trucks are meant for hard work but does that mean they can’t be comfortable and convenient? A while ago, people figured out that they could significantly improve ride quality, without compromising towing and hauling capabilities, by replacing typically rudimental pickup truck suspension with air springs. But do you know what’s even better than that? It’s the air controller for air springs that allows you to adjust the pressure of your truck’s air springs while you’re sitting behind the steering wheel – it doesn’t get more convenient than that!
Air Springs: How Do They Work and What are the Benefits?
Things with air springs are pretty simple. As the name suggests, they use air to support the weight of a vehicle and provide suspension. Typically, the construction is relatively simple, as the whole setup consists of no more than a few parts, such as a flexible rubber bladder that contains compressed air, as well as an air compressor that ensures air supply.
But despite such a simple design, the advantages over traditional suspension are numerous, starting from the better ride quality. Air springs offer better-damping characteristics and absorb road imperfections in a much nicer fashion. Then, there is the matter of load leveling, which plays a crucial role among truck and van drivers. Finally, we come to adjustability. With air springs, you can vary the amount of air pressure and in that way, you can easily adjust the vehicle’s ride height, stiffness, and the overall character of the suspension.
Our Air Spring Controller Kit: All the Convenience You’ll Ever Need
Air springs may be the ultimate solution for pickup trucks and vans, but they can be pretty tricky to work with. Usually, you would have to adjust the pressure manually, by using a compressor or pump, and in such scenarios, adjusting the air pressure often involves trials and errors. With our Air Spring Controller Kit, all these troubles are gone and you may count on ultimate convenience.
This air spring controller is designed to adjust the air pressure in your springs without leaving the cab, with just one button. It contains an air compressor, a gauge panel, and all other necessary parts, so you have full control of the suspension from your driving seat. And you know what’s best of all? Our air spring controller kit is universal and suitable for most 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, and 1-ton pickup trucks, as well as most vans.
Application Scenarios
Once again, pickup trucks and vans are meant for hard work, so one of the most common scenarios in which an air spring controller brings huge benefits is when you tow a trailer or haul heavy loads. In such situations, you can easily adjust the air pressure and maintain stability, levelness, and desired ride height, which is crucial in terms of safety.
Then, there is off-roading, of course. With an air spring controller, it’s super easy and convenient to adjust the air pressure to increase ground clearance, optimize traction, or improve suspension articulation.
If you own a high-performance pickup with air suspension, this controller will make your life much easier by offering an impressive level of flexibility. You can fine-tune air pressure to suit track conditions or personal preference but also, you can easily adjust the suspension and turn your vehicle into a super-practical daily driver. Also, let’s not forget truck enthusiasts and customizers. They can also benefit a lot, in the way that they can easily achieve desired stance and aesthetics.
But even if you don’t belong to any of these groups, if you are just a regular truck or van driver, an air spring controller kit is a no-brainer if you are looking for a more refined driving experience. This kit allows you seamless adjustments, to achieve the ultimate goal of absorbing road imperfections, reducing vibrations, and minimizing body roll in the best possible way.
To summarize, whether you are a professional pickup or van driver, a weekend adventurer, an enthusiast, or just a regular truck driver, an air spring controller kit is the way to go. It will elevate your convenience to the next level and allow you to use the full potential of your air suspension. With this kit, you will get the opportunity to quickly and easily adjust the suspension and achieve superior comfort, minimal body roll, and ultimate performance.


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