Install 24-way Adjustable Coilovers on 2011 Honda Civic


LunatiKZ is a YouTuber whose channel focuses on his personal life. Although most of his videos are focus on recording his and his friend’s life on the car, when LunatiKZ installed MaXpeedingRods coilovers on the 8th Gen Honda Civic in a new video, things are changed.

In this video, LunatiKZ did a quick intro explaining that they are going to install the MaXpeedingRods 24-way adjustable coilovers on the car. He also showed a complete installation process of building the front driver side coilover. The product itself, as he continuing mentioned in the video, is appealing. It is also worth mentioning that 8th Gen Honda Civics are great platforms to build off as they are sporty and construct on a great chassis.

Three things stood out to him most: the 24-way adjustability; caster camber plate built into the top hat; and the ride height is independent of the preload. For him, the real kicker was that all that capability was built into a full set of coilovers at a very acceptable price.

24-way adjustability is what makes our product stand out. This adjustability allows the product to be as versatile as anything else on the market. The ability to dial in one’s suspension using our adjustability technology is crucial to making sure every customer is satisfied and performing to the best of their needs.

Honda Civic is a Great Platform to Build-Off
Honda Civic is a Great Platform to Build-Off

Not all applications require the same suspension or suspension settings. For instance, an autocross racer will want a stiffer suspension set up that prevents excessive body roll and weight transfer. This is done so that no single tire is overloaded and loses tractions.

Conversely, a rear-wheel-drive drag car has no need to apply a constant force to the front tires. Because of this, the front suspension should be loosened up to allow extension and weight transfer to the drive tires in the rear. The rear suspension on an RWD drag car gets extremely complicated and will change depending on suspension geometry.

As a vast generalization, the rear suspension on an RWD drag car is meant to allow the car to transfer weight to the rear and hold it there so that as much pressure can be applied to the rear wheels for as long as possible.

2011 Honda Civic
8th Gen Honda Civic with 24-way Adjustable Coilovers

The caster camber plates built into the top hat of the coilover help reduce the cost for the end-user as lowering the car will change the suspension geometry and likely cause increased camber. The height adjustability without affecting preload is another great feature as it is once again another suspension tuning feature for the end-user.

Many reasons influence people to make a wise choice in choosing coilover, but adjustability must be a very important factor. Of course, other factors such as price, quality, the design of the product itself, after-sales service and logistics, etc., are very important, according to your needs, you will certainly find the right coilovers. As for LunatiKZ, he states that the ride quality is enough for his daily driver and that they offer more capability and adjustment than his expectation.


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