How to Replace Airmatic Air Suspension Compressor in 2011 Mercedes ML300


In this video, car repair youtuber DrewFixIt who always does general DIY himself, shows us how to replace the airmatic air suspension compressor on a Mercedes ML or GL vehicle. Now he is using his 2011 Mercedes ML300 W164 which has a weak compressor. He replaced the old weak compressor on his 2011 Mercedes ML300 W164 with an aftermarket MaXpeedingRods air suspension compressor.

What you will see is that he step-by-step shows you how to do this procedure safely with minimal tools. In particular, he has attempted to film all of the steps involved without avoiding the trickier elements of this task.

The tools used in replacing the airmatic air suspension compressor are:

1.10mm, 12mm Spanners and Sockets.
2. Hoist (To lift the car), however, you could use a Jack and Axle Stands.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Remove 40A Air Suspension Fuse.
  2. Raise front right wheel safely off of the ground using either Car Hoist or Jack (with
    appropriate Jack Stands for safety).
  3. Remove Front Right Wheel.
  4. Remove Front Right Wheel Fender Plastic (10mm Spanner and Screw Driver for pins).
  5. Remove Air Input Line from Compressor.
  6. Remove Airline Hose from Compressor. The new Compressor has a new fitting for the
    the airline, thus remove the old fitting completely from the airline by removing the collet first
    and then the remaining fitting.
  7. Remove 3 Compressor Mounting Bolts (10mm Spanner). Pay attention to how mounts
    come off compressor as they need to be re-used with new compressor.
  8. Remove the Two Electrical Connections from the compressor.
  9. Remove Pressurized Airline(12mm Spanner).
  10. Remove Compressor.
  11. Remove new Airline Fitting from Compressor and Install on the Airline.
  12. Connect the two electrical connections to the Compressor.
  13. Mount the new compressor on the car using mounts removed from the old compressor
    and fasten the three bolts (10mm Spanner). Note, ensure that the mounts are installed on
    the new compressor in the same orientation as they were removed from the old compressor.
  14. Connect Air input line to the Compressor.
  15. Connect Airline to the Compressor (12mm Spanner).
  16. Reinstall Front Right Wheel Fender Plastic.
  17. Re-mount Front Right Wheel.
  18. Re-install 40A Air Suspension Fuse.
  19. Remove car from Lift/Jacks.
  20. Test by starting the engine and waiting for two minutes, then raise the car using the
    AIRMATIC controls.
  21. Finally, check for leaks by driving the vehicle.

DISCLAIMER: This install guidance was authorized by DrewFixIt and this install guide is for reference purposes only. Always follow professional instructions on how to set this up correctly, MaXpeedingRods is not responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate installation.


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