MaXpeedingRods Coilover Installed On A 2001 Lexus IS200


The Lexus IS is a compact executive car sold by Lexus since 1999, the IS designation stands for “Intelligent Sport”. The first-generation models were powered by an straight-six engine and available in sedan and wagon variants.

No matter if it is a Lexus IS 200 or IS 300, the first generation of the Lexus midsize sedan (XE1) with its line six-cylinder engine is extremely rare in Europe, So the accessories of this kind of products are also rare. The MaXpeedingRods produced a suitable coilover for the Lexus IS200.

The MaXpeedingRods coilovers provide an extreme level of adjustability in a price range that is unmatched, and it could lower height 0-60mm without changing the preload and piston location. We invited Boquer to make a video to show you how to install the MaXpeedingRods coilovers, and you can learn some helpful tips along the way.

How to install a coilover?

  • Jack up the vehicle and remove wheels.
  • Remove struts.
  • Clean the oil pump.
  • Measure your struts unsprung and set your height.
  • Install the coilovers.
  • Reinstall wheels, check ride height.


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