MaXpeedingRods T7 Coilovers Consumer Feedback – PART Ⅰ


Editor’s Note: Today, we are delighted to share a perspective from our friend, Daniel Hoffmann. Located in Norway, Daniel is a seasoned mechanic with a wealth of experience dating back to 2006. His passion for cars and motorsport is evident in his specialization in understanding, rebuilding, and optimizing vehicle performance. With a dedication to precision tools and gadgets, Daniel shares his DIY projects and motorsport events on Instagram, YouTube, and his blog, inspiring and assisting fellow automotive enthusiasts.

Discover the customization offered by Maxpeedingrods T7 Coilovers. From adjustable ride height to enhanced handling, these coilovers deliver performance and style without compromise. Built for durability and designed for compatibility, they offer a cost-effective solution for upgrading your suspension system. Join a supportive community for expert advice and guidance.

Part one: Installation convenience
If you’re on the lookout for a suspension upgrade that promises a smoother ride and better handling, these coilovers have got you covered. Let me share my experience with you. Installing these coilovers has been a breeze, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Plenty of users have talked about the straightforward installation process.

The instructions that come with the coilovers are incredibly clear, which makes the whole setup process a walk in the park. Whether you’re just a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned mechanic like me, you’ll find it easy to follow along. And the best part? You don’t need any fancy tools or deep expertise to get the job done. Just follow the steps outlined in the manual, and in no time, you’ll have your vehicle riding on a whole new level of performance and comfort.

Comments on the installation process:
From my perspective, installing these coilovers has been a fulfilling experience. Most users find that the installation can be completed within a few hours, although this may vary depending on the vehicle type and the individual’s skill level. The best part is that the coilovers come with everything you need, from the necessary hardware to adjustment tools, making the entire process hassle-free.

One feature that I particularly appreciate is the adjustable ride height. It gives me the flexibility to customize my vehicle’s stance exactly how I want it. Whether I prefer a lower, more aggressive look or a slightly raised stance for better clearance, the adjustable ride height feature allows me to achieve my desired aesthetic without compromising on performance. It’s this attention to detail and user-friendly design that sets these coilovers apart from the competition.

Installation challenges with outstanding convenience:
I’ve found the installation of these coilovers to be mostly straightforward, but there are a couple of standout aspects worth mentioning. One outstanding convenience is how well-packaged and organized everything is. From the moment I opened the box, it was evident that Maxpeedingrods had taken care to ensure all the necessary parts and adjustment tools were included and easily accessible. This streamlined approach made the installation process much smoother and saved me from having to hunt down missing pieces.

However, like with any installation, there were a few challenges along the way. For instance, depending on the vehicle model and suspension setup, aligning the coilovers properly can require some patience and adjustment. Additionally, while the instructions provided are clear overall, I encountered a couple of steps that could have been explained in more detail. Thankfully, there are plenty of online resources and user forums where you can find additional guidance and tips from fellow enthusiasts.

One of the guides I like is from Suspension Secrets. Another good resource is HP Academy, they offer a wide range of courses that can be taken online. I have taken the Motorsport Wheel Alignment course, and I can highly recommend it.

Initial feeling after installation:
After installing the coilovers, the difference in ride quality and handling was remarkable from the first drive. Compared to the stock suspension, they offer a firmer, more controlled ride with minimal body roll, especially noticeable during cornering. The coilovers also significantly reduce body squat and dive under acceleration and braking, enhancing overall stability and control, transforming the driving experience for the better. One of the T7’s features is racing oil, which will deliver consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures.

Changes in the appearance of the vehicle after installation:
The change in my vehicle’s appearance was remarkable. The drop in ride height gave it a sportier, more aggressive stance, instantly transforming its look. Plus, the adjustable ride height feature allowed me to customize its appearance to my liking, whether for improved aerodynamics or a bold stance at car shows.

Driving for the first time:
Driving with the coilovers was unforgettable. The enhanced handling and responsiveness were immediately noticeable, boosting my confidence on both city streets and twisty roads. The reduction in body roll and improved stability, even at high speeds, elevated the driving experience remarkably.

Overall, these coilovers perfectly balance convenience, performance, and aesthetic appeal. They’ve proven to be a worthwhile investment, delivering exceptional value and performance. I’m thrilled with the upgrade and highly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their driving experience


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