Installation Guidance for Engine Compression Tester


This automotive compression tester works with most car models with gasoline engines. It comes with adapters and pipes in different sizes to fit different models. Widely used for checking compression on engine quickly and accurately.

Engine Compression Tester

Tools include

1×3 Extension Threaded Tube×1


Cylinder Pressure Guage×2

Cone Connector×4


Installation instruction

Step 1

Choose 1 or 3 according to the position of the spark plug, choose the appropriate size 4 for assembly, and then combine with 1 for installation.

Step 2

After starting the engine until it reaches the normal operating temperature, blow off the dust on the outside of the spark plug with compressed air, remove the spark plug of each cylinder, and then open the throttle valve and throttle valve.

Step 3

Exhaust the exhaust gas in the cylinder, put the rubber head of the combined 1 on the spark plug hole of the first cylinder and press it firmly, or connect the spark plug hole with a hose and the corresponding threaded joint.

Step 4

Use a starter or a hand crank to quickly turn the crankshaft, test and record 2-3 times. Then measure the remaining cylinders in turn, and each cylinder should be measured at least twice. The test result should be the average value.


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