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This video is presented by @DrivenFilmsPhotography, an avid car enthusiast deeply passionate about tinkering and fine-tuning vehicles. In this video, his Honda CB7 seems to be experiencing some issues, and he plans to fix them. Join us on his turbo vlog to find out what’s going on here!

It all started when our friend noticed white smoke and caught a whiff of straight oil while driving his turbocharged car days ago. It seems like the car is smoking with oil coming out of the exhaust, and it is leaning out when he eases into the gas. He checked the bearing and shaft in his Maxpeedingrods standard turbo and didn’t find anything wrong. So he speculated that all of this was because the turbo was on its way out. No worry, let’s do the upgrade then!

The first step is to remove the old turbo, which isn’t very difficult, only that the turbo is tight within the engine bay. Due to the hardware damage caused by the turbo heat, he plans to use fresh bolts and anti-seize on the new turbo, making it easier to mount it on the manifold. He also emphasizes that it will make future repairs easier. He then unboxed Maxpeedingrods’ upgraded street turbo. The shiny golden compressor wheel is made of forged billet CNC machined aluminum. And this street performance turbo can boost up to 500 HP.

Alright, now all the things to do is to clock Maxpeedingrods’ upgraded street turbo exactly the way the old one is. He then went to a modification shop to install the new turbo and get the oil return fabbed up for it.

During the process of connecting the new turbo to the manifold, there was another issue. The bolt holes on the manifold had rust and corrosion, and there were no threads left in the holes. So, he tapped out three of the bolt holes to a thread specification of 10 by 1.5 mm. Another hole needed to be tapped out to a slightly larger size, which is 12 by 1.5 mm. At the same time, the exhaust hole on the turbo needed to be enlarged to the corresponding size. So if your turbo is facing the same problem, grab some tools and hopefully, it can be repaired.

Then he installed a new coolant system and started a test running, but the installed return line was a bit long, about half an inch longer than necessary. This was the only concern he had. So, before driving the car too much, he decided not to do so until he could take it to the modification shop and have a professional confirm whether the line needed to be redone. However, apart from this issue, Maxpeedingrods’ upgraded street turbo seemed to be in good condition. The manifold turns brown color and the engine emits a pleasing roar during the test running. In the subsequent road test, the exhaust is no longer smoking, and there is no more oil leakage. Shifting gears is very smooth, and the lean-out issue has also been resolved. You can see it’s a lovely ride.

Nothing lasts forever, as our friend said, but we hope that Maxpeedingrods’ turbo can accompany you on a longer journey.


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