How to Choose a Good Quality Shock Absorber?


Editor’s note: MaXpeedingRods produces a variety of categories of power-upgraded auto parts: connecting rods, turbochargers, crankshafts, etc. Today we will talk about modification parts other than engine parts: coilovers(also named as shock absorbers). This article will introduce: How important is shock absorber in car modification? What kinds of aluminum is used for MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers? And what do a good quality shock absorbers need?

After your car has been modified for power, the powerful power output gives you a strong back push. But when you enter the curve, the original soft shock absorber can hardly restrain the high-speed cornering. The roll caused by the powerful centrifugal makes you feel like the car is about to roll over. At the same time, when the vehicle encounters bumps, the original shock absorber cannot stop the aftershocks of the spring in time, so that your car still has extra ups and downs after bumps. How uncomfortable is this? How dangerous is this?

In the face of this situation, a set of shock absorbers that can be adjusted in height, soft, hard and damping is like offering fuel in snowy weather. To put it simply, using a set of shock absorbers, you can make the front, rear, left, and right suspensions of the vehicle different hardness according to your preference and you can also change the height of the vehicle to a certain extent according to your preferences, and finally reach the optimal state.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when choosing shock absorbers. Everyone knows that the suspension system connects the wheels and the entire car body. In the suspension system, the shock absorber is an absolute “backbone”. In other words, the shock absorber carries the weight of the body. For a good shock absorber, the high strength must be the top priority.

Take the strength of the shock absorbers as an example: It needs to carry the weight of the car body for a long time, and at the same time be exposed to work for a long time, making it easy to be corroded by fine gravel and corrosive liquids on the road. If the strength and durability are insufficient, it will definitely not work.

Choosing shock absorbers is like choosing a mobile phone. If it features the characteristics of rugged, durable, peace of mind-safe and powerful functions, it is a good product worth buying. The basis of sturdiness is strength.

MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers, as the best sellers in their class, can not only provide you with all the adjustable functions brought by ordinary shock absorbers, but also make your car chassis more meet your needs. It is made from forged L6061-T6 high-strength aluminum alloy material(aluminum helps keep the weight down). This material has good corrosion resistance and toughness, which makes it more suitable for working in harsh environments. This material is also widely used in aircraft, rockets and spacecraft. Therefore, we can understand that the MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers use the rocket material.

The high-quality materials allow MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers to achieve excellent performance and durability, plus the special process treatment of the outer layer, which makes it have excellent strength, more corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. It has passed the German DIN50021SS durability corrosion test.

The strength of MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers is no doubt, but no matter how high the strength is, it can not last long without protection. MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers use a high-quality shock absorber dust cover with excellent elasticity and toughness. The dust cover tightly wrapped on the shock absorber can effectively prevent the entry of dust and fine gravel, and provides excellent protection for MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers, further ensuring its durability.

In the high-quality dust jacket, MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers adopt custom double-layer oil seal design to further seal the oil inside the shock absorber. This not only prevents the leakage of the oil, but also fully blocks the oil from the outside, ensuring that its interior is not attacked by foreign objects, and the oil does not oxidize and deteriorate during normal use.

Good shock absorbers are durable enough and peace of mind-safe. MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers adopt independent and targeted research and development for different models, which allows it to be fully compatible with the peripheral accessories of the original car. That is to say, after installing MaXpeedingRods shock absorbers, you don’t need to bother to search for peripheral accessories, you just need to use the original car.

When you can ensure that the shock absorber you choose is durable and peace of mind-safe, we will finally look at its functionality. Veteran modification players know that the excellent adjustable performance makes the modification to do more with less. MaXpeedingRods shock absorber provide 24 levels of adjustable damper, allowing you the ability to perfectly dial in your coilovers system.


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