Why Your Car Is Abnormal Vibrating


A well-functioning vehicle shouldn’t shake at any point. A “rough” or shaky idle is a sure sign your vehicle’s engine is ready for service. It could be something quick and minor or point to a larger issue that requires immediate attention. Why Your Car Is Abnormal Vibrating?

In any case, if you’re feeling vibrations at a stop light, one of these common engine issues could be the culprit.

Abnormal shaking of steering wheel and body while driving

1. Defective tire:

In this case, it may be that the tire is deformed, resulting in poor tire balance; or the front wheel alignment angle and toe adjustment are not accurate.

Why Your Car Is Abnormal Vibrating-defective tire

2. Steel ring deformation:

This abnormal situation generally occurs in ” classic cars”. When replacing new tires and new steel rims, you need to do a tire balance, otherwise, the steering wheel will easily shake when the weight is uneven.

3. Drive shaft deformation:

The third situation may be caused by the unbalanced deformation of the transmission shaft. Generally, this situation occurs when the chassis has collided with more cars.

Why Your Car Is Abnormal Vibrating-Drive shaft

Body shakes when idling

Why Your Car Is Abnormal Vibrating? The body shakes abnormally when a cold car starts, and the abnormal shaking disappears after the car is warmed up.

1. Serious carbon deposition in the engine:

After thousands of miles, your engine’s fuel intake system can succumb to blockages that disrupt engine performance. In most cases, there is serious carbon deposition in the engine, which is manifested as excessive carbon deposition in the throttle valve or fuel injection nozzle.

2. Ignition system failure:

The broken spark plug won’t fire evenly, it will cause the engine to shake, so that the owner can perceive that the engine is shaking. There may also be a problem with the ignition coil, high-voltage wires, etc.

3. Aging of engine parts:

Car jitter is also related to the engine foot glue. The engine foot glue is equivalent to the shock absorber system of the engine, which is responsible for absorbing the subtle vibration of the engine when it is running. If the engine foot glue is broken, the driver’s seat will obviously feel the vibration caused by the engine.

4. Unstable oil pressure:

If you have cleaned the engine carbon deposits, washed the throttle valve, changed the oil pads and spark plugs, etc., and still find that the body vibrates when idling, then check whether the fuel supply pressure and the intake pressure sensor are normal. If the oil supply pressure of the oil pump is abnormal or the intake pressure sensor value is wrong and the work is not good, a body shake will be caused.

The brake pedal or steering wheel shakes when braking

Why Your Car Is Abnormal Vibrating?In most cases, the brake disc is deformed, and the brake disc hits the brake caliper irregularly, causing the amount of swing, which is transmitted to the body through the steering system, causing the body to shake.

The above are the possible reasons for the abnormal vibration of the body

In particular, professional maintenance personnel is required to inspect and repair the car.


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