Video: CRX Coilovers Review


Editor’s Note: In today’s videos, Jon Widmer, owner of the YouTube channel Garage Built Hondas, introduces us full-bodied CRX coilovers from MaXpeedingRods family. You will see how the CRX performed after finishing the work on it, and also you’ll get to see how well the coilovers worked for him in his 6 months of using them.

MaXpeedingRods honda coilovers unboxing video

Spring Rates

The front have an 8k spring rate(448 lbs/in) which provide you with a really comfortable ride when you can change the adjustability of the stiffness of this absorber itself.

The rear is also built just like the front. You have the fork style design in the back and these are 5k spring rate(280 lbs/in).


That’s a nice feature that they have the brackets for the brake lines. It has a little allen head bolt with a nut on the end so you could take that off and slide it off if that’s something you prefer to do.

These brake line brackets are actually some aftermarket brake lines but it still has the one mount on the fork. The OEM one has a second one here which you could use if you’re still using the original brake lines.


There are four sleeves. The provided sleeve with the coilovers allows you to use different forks from any 88-00 Honda Civic or any 90-01 Acura Integra.

Coilover Keys

It comes with the coilover keys and a little tool the allen wrench for those if you want to use that. Once you have them installed with the supplied coilover keys you can now raise or lower them.

6 months review video


These coilovers for using them at the track they did really well we have a set to full stiff. But I think this is a perfect setup for someone that wants to keep it on a daily driver and maybe do some occasional maybe autocross days or occasional track days I think they might be a little too soft to be competitive and maybe the dampers aren’t as strong as some others but definitely held up really well.


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