What’s the Stabilizer Link?

MaXpeedingRods Blog | An Automotive Blog from MaXpeedingRods - What’s the Stabilizer Link?

Some time ago, we released Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Coilovers, when I introduced coilovers and anti-roll bar and mentioned the Stabilizer link, some beginners feel strange about it, what’s the Stabilizer link?

MaXpeedingRods Blog | An Automotive Blog from MaXpeedingRods - What’s the Stabilizer Link?
MaXpeedingRods-What’s the Stabilizer Link?

The Stabilizer link is mainly used to connect the anti-roll bar of the car chassis to the left and right coilovers or the lower arms. Below I will conduct a simple analysis of this component that is always to be ignored.

First, about the demand for upgrading the Stabilizer link.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Stabilizer link is an improved modified part that is closely related to other upgraded parts. To pursue the handling performance of the car, you may upgrade the anti-roll bar, change the wheel inclination, and upgrade some reinforced chassis parts, etc., such as body height, inclination, chassis pull strength, and so on. Then, some original chassis data will be different.

At this time, due to the entire chassis system changes, there may be some more or less positional changes in the overall chassis connectors. So, we must make some adjustments to these changes. For some position changes between the suspension and anti-roll bar, the best way is to replace a Stabilizer link that is more suitable for the modified position. It may be lengthened or shortened. It’s necessary to correctly measure the length of it. And because of the coilovers height adjustment, we also developed the Stabilizer link for matching different models’ coilovers.

The relationship between the anti-roll bar, the Stabilizer link, the coilovers

Second, I‘d like to briefly talk about the relationship between the anti-roll bar, the Stabilizer link, the coilovers, and their working principle. After explaining, it should be easy to understand why you need to replace the Stabilizer link.

MaXpeedingRods Blog | An Automotive Blog from MaXpeedingRods - What’s the Stabilizer Link?

The structure of the Stabilizer link is a two-point connecting rod, one end of which is connected to the anti-roll bar, and the other end is connected to the shock absorber or the lower swing arm. The function is to transmit the movement of one wheel and the tension or pressure to the other wheel through the anti-roll bar, so as to make the balance of the wheels on both sides. Because the two ball heads at both ends is a certain rotation angle, the anti-roll bar does not work on bumpy and undulating roads. When you driving on an undulating road or cornering at high speed, the anti-roll bar will play its role.

However, when we upgraded and modified the shock absorber and spring, the body was lowered, which would inevitably lead to pressure displacement of the suspension, anti-roll bar, and Stabilizer link. The original Stabilizer link is too long, and the rotation angle of the ball heads at both ends is significantly reduced, which leads to the early intervention of the anti-roll bar, and at this time, you will feel that the driving comfort is seriously terrible. If the body is lowered too much and the original anti-roll bar is particularly long, then the anti-roll bar is always involved in the work. Then, congratulations! your car has changed from an independent suspension system to a scooter suspension system. When you driving, it is no different from a large truck, and you’ve already said goodbye to driving comfort. The cornering performance is even not as good as your original adjustment.

Therefore, at this time, we need to replace a pair of Stabilizer links of suitable length for the reduced body height. Let the car maintain the original angle between the Stabilizer link and shock absorbers of the anti-roll bar, and while maintaining the comfort adjustment of the original car to the greatest extent, it can also be triggered at the right time during intense driving or high-speed cornering. The anti-roll bar participates in the work to improve the handling experience of the vehicle.

How do we judge whether the Stabilizer link needs to be replaced?

Third, how do we judge whether the Stabilizer link needs to be replaced? Let’s discuss this issue below.

All riders should have encountered such a situation, that is, when upgrading the coilovers or replacing the thicker and stronger anti-roll bar, the modification shop showed a diligent smile and repeatedly encouraged you to replace the Stabilizer link together. So, is it necessary to replace the Stabilizer link after replacing the coilovers or anti-roll bar?

The answer is uncertain.

I will talk about the answer in the next article.


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