Tesla Model Y Coilovers: Get a More Comfortable Driving

MaXpeedingRods tesla model Y coilovers

In this era of the electric car renaissance, Tesla is undoubtedly at the forefront. The four-wheel-drive version of the Tesla Model Y weighs 2 tons, which undoubtedly makes the vehicle a bit bulky. Although driving the Model Y is relatively comfortable on flat roads, the body bounces a lot when passing over bumps. So, now we MaXpeedingRods have also launched dedicated coilovers for Model Y! It includes basic performance such as full-length adjustable, damping adjustable, and non-destructive installation, with an amazing price in the same specifications!

Compared with the original suspension, the Tesla coilover brings you more comfortable driving. As the Tesla coilovers “Suppress” the amount of bounce while driving, so it is sportier to drive. At the same time, the installed tire and the fender maintain a distance of about two fingers, which is obviously more low-lying and aggressive than the original one. when you lower the gravity center of the car, the operating stroke is significantly shorter, and the damping coefficient is more hard-adjusted, which can effectively eliminate side effects in the face of intense driving conditions. Now, let me tell you what are important features.

Classic Design with budget-friendly

The double-tube structure is the first choice for street use, it’s easy to ensure sufficient stroke, low injection pressure, and friction. Compared with the conventional disassembled structure, the required parts, processes, and working conditions are assembled in a dust-free factory. Therefore, the products reduce production costs while maintaining high quality, high quality, and long life.

Damping Adjustable

SP1 can perfectly meet the requirements of daily driving. The 24-stage adjustable damping adjustment is very flexible and extensive! The upgraded damping oil makes the damping more stable and smoother in a wide temperature range. So that SP1 can absorb these shocks precisely and quickly and can be greatly adjusted according to the road conditions, providing the best balance of sport and comfort for daily driving. MXpeedingRods recommends setting the damping to full soft for a comfortable driving experience, and full stiffness for the occasional track day.
In addition, MaXpeedingRods adopt the reinforced rubber top mount, which has the function of eliminating noise in steering and driving.

Anti-roll bar link

Another important point is that we equip each coilovers with an anti-roll bar link for the tilt problem, keeping the original angle between the anti-roll bars and shock absorber while maintaining the comfort of the car to the greatest extent, it can also be triggered at the right time during intense driving or high-speed cornering the anti-roll bar participates in the work, and then improve the handling experience of the vehicle. And because of it, the directionality of the front of the car and the tracking of the tires can also be more accurate and clearer.

Stability&Durability test

To reduce friction on the springs when adjusting the ride height and preload, MaXpeedingRods use aluminum spring seats and hard rubber spacers. Then, the spring seat is specially made of high-strength steel to resist wear over time, hence safer driving. In addition, each suspension kit is thoroughly tested before ever leaving our facilities. Before we released the SP1 coilovers, it was durability tested on rough roads for a long time, not deformed or broken, which is the most important value to the consumer!

Non-destructive and quick installation

Considering the enormous amount of adjustability that coilovers offer, they can be a nightmare for beginners. So we have made the preset adjustment according to the actual vehicle test.
Note that all coilovers come with preset adjustments that most people are okay with, but some find them too aggressive for daily driving. In another article, we discussed preload how it works, and how you can adjust it yourself.

Product Specification
Product: MaXpeedingRods SP1 Series
Applicable models: Tesla Model Y 2020+ RWD
Standard spring rate (N/mm / Kgf/mm): Front: 10.0; Back: 10.0
Adjustable height (mm): lowering 30mm than OE height
Front Spring Length: 200mm
Rear spring length: 220mm
Front spring inner diameter: 70.5mm
Rear spring inner diameter: 100mm

Who said that electric vehicles can only be used for daily travel, and cannot be used as control machines? We can do that! In addition to Model Y shocks, we also have Model 3 shocks, click here for more information.


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