How to Operate A Portable Generator Safely


User guidance is always a factor when purchasing a portable generator for home or emergency use. We provide these instructions as a reference guide, so you know how to operate your generator from MaXpeedingRods when a storm strikes and your power is knocked out. This instruction is intended for reference only. Always check with local regulations and a licensed electrician prior to installing or connecting an electrical appliance.

maxpeedingrods portable generators
maxpeedingrods portable generators

Inverter Paralleling Operation

Remember to 5 “Do not” before connecting the paralleling cord to the inverters.

  • Do not connect the paralleling cord to the inverters with the inverters running.
  • Do not connect the cords when ends of the paralleling cord are switched on.
  • Do not attempt to parallel the MaXpeedingRods inverter with any other manufacturers’ inverters.
  • Do not use the paralleling cord for any application other than inverter paralleling.
  • Do not use this cord on other manufacturers’ inverters.
  1. Using only the MaXpeedingRods paralleling cord with both cord switches set to OFF (O), connect one male plug to one inverter and connect the remaining plug into the other inverter. Either of the receptacles on the inverters can be used.
  2. Start one of the inverters and wait until the output ready light is on.
  3. Turn both cord switches to ON(I).
  4. Start the remaining inverter: wait until the output ready light is on before connecting the load.
  5. When power is present, a light will illuminate in the three-prong plug that is plugged into the inverter.
  6. To stop the inverters, unplug all connected loads, turn both cord switches to OFF (O) and unplug the cord on each inverter.
  7. If the inverters’ output is stopped during operation due to overloading, reduce the connected load by unplugging appliances, and then push the reset button and restart the inverter. When the ready light is on, the load can be reconnected.

Initial Oil Fill

Engine oil must be added when the inverter is on a flat, level surface, or an inaccurate reading may result. Do not overfill. If the engine is overfilled with oil, it can cause serious engine damage.

  1. Loosen the screw and remove the engine oil fill/drain plug service panel to access the oil fill/drain plug (see Figure I)
Engine Service panel
Figure 1: c

2. Clean the area around the Oil fill/drain plug and remove plug (See Figure 2). Figure 2; Oil FWDrain Plug

oil fill/drain plug
Figure 2: oil fill/drain plug

3. Using the supplied funnel and Oil, pour the entire bottle of oil into the engine (see Figure 3).

oil funnel
Figure 3: oil funnel

4. Do not Overfll, if Oil level is too high, oil will drain out through the till plug. See correct oil level in Figure 4.

engine oil correct level
Figure 4: engine oil correct level
maxpeedingrods portable generators

Adding Engine Fluids and Fuel

Before starting the inverter, always check the level of:
• Engine Oil
• Gasoline in the fuel tank
Once the inverter is started and the engine gets warm, it is not safe to add gasoline to the fuel tank or engine oil to the engine while the engine is running or the engine and muffler are hot.

checking engine oil

The unit as shipped does not contain oil in the engine. You must add engine Oil before starting the inverter for the first time. See Initial Oil Fill for instructions on checking the engine oil level and the procedure for adding engine oil.

adding gasoline to the fuel tank

Required Gasoline — Only use gasoline that meets the following requirements:

  • Unleaded gasoline only
  • Gasoline with maximum ethanol added
  • Gasoline with an 87 octane rating or higher

Filling the Fuel Tank — Follow the Steps below to fill the fuel tank:

  1. Shut Off the inverter.
  2. Allow the inverter to cool down so all the muffler and engine surface areas are cool to the touch.
  3. Move the inverter to a flat surface.
  4. Clean area around the fuel cap.
  5. Remove the fuel cap by rotating counterclockwise.(Notice: Do not overfill the fuel tank. Spilled fuel will damage some plastic parts.)
  6. Slowly add gasoline into the fuel tank. Be very careful not to overfill the tank. The gasoline level should not be higher than the red ring (see Figure 5).
  7. Install the fuel cap by rotating clockwise.
maximum gasoline fill level
Figure 5: maximum gasoline fill level
maxpeedingrods portable generators

Starting The Inverter

Before attempting to start the inverter, verify the following:

  • The engine is filled with engine oil (see Figure 4: engine oil correct level).
  • The inventor is situated in a proper location.
  • The inverter is on a dry surface.
  • All loads are disconnected from the inverter.
  • The inverter is grounded correctly.

starting mxr2300 and mxr3300

  1. Check oil levels. If it is the first time starting, make sure to add oil (see Initial Oil Fill).
  2. Tum the fuel tank vent to the ON position (mxr2300)(see Figure 6).
fuel tank vent-mxr2300 only
Figure 6: fuel tank vent-mxr2300 only

3. Turn the engine/fuel control switch to the CHOKE position (see Figure 7).

turn engine/fuel switch to choke position
Figure 7: turn engine/fuel switch to choke position

4. Firmly grasp and pull the recoil handle slowly until feeling increased resistance. At this point, apply a quick pull While pulling out from the inverter (see Figure B).

pull the recoil handle out from inverter
Figure 8: pull the recoil handle out from the inverter

5. As the engine starts and stabilizes, turn the choke switch back into the RUN position (see Figure 9).

turn engine/fuel switch to run
Figure 9: turn engine/fuel switch to RUN

Stopping The Inverter

During an normal operation

During a normal operation, use the following steps to stop your inverter:

  1. Remove any connected loads from the control panel receptacles.
  2. Allow the inverter to run at “no load” to reduce and stabilize engine and alternator temperatures.
  3. Move the engine control switch to the OFF position(see Figure 10).
turn engine/fuel switch to off position
Figure 10: turn engine/fuel switch to OFF position

4. Tum the fuel tank vent to the OFF position(mxr2300 only).

During an emergency

If there is an emergency and the inverter must be stopped quickly, move the engine control switch to the OFF position immediately (see Figure 10).

Using efficiency mode

The inverter is equipped with an efficiency mode switch to minimize fuel consumption. In efficiency mode, the inverter will sense the load and adjust the engine RPM to the current load requirements. Efficiency mode should be used only after the inverter has been warmed up to operating temperature.

  1. To turn on the efficiency mode, press the switch to the ON position.
  2. If no load is present. the inverter RPM will drop down to an idle speed.
  3. As a load is applied, the inverter will sense the load and engine RPM Will increase according to the load applied.
  4. Press the efficiency mode switch to the OFF position run the inverter at maximum power and RPM.

Resetting the reset breaker

The inverter will trip the breaker and automatically disconnect from the load when the controls sense a predetermined overload condition. The inverter engine will continue to run, but there will not be any electrical output.

  1. Turn off all devices and unplug them from the inverter.
  2. Determine the wattage required from the devices being powered by the inverter. Make sure the wattage required does not exceed the maximum output of the inverter.
  3. Press in the reset breaker to reset it (see Figure 11).
press in reset breaker
Figure 11: press in reset breaker

4. Plug the devices into the inverter.

5. Turn on the devices as needed.

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