Improve The Work Efficiency on Tuning Cars with MaXpeedingRods Timing Tool Kit


In addition to product manufacturing, MaXpeedingRods is committed to improving the work efficiency on tuning cars. Together with  MaXpeedingRods Timing Tool Kit, you can more quickly and safely disassemble the engine, transmission and other internal parts, greatly saving time and effort.

The MaXpeedingRods Timing Tool Kit has three major advantages: Convenience, widely application and portability. The TTK is designed to fit a wide range of engines and can be used extensively. It can be stored in a toolbox, in the trunk of your car or anywhere you want to put it.

MaXpeedingRods Timing Tool Kit

Here is the updated video about MaXpeedingRoads Tube Expander Tool Kit Set unboxing which made by our friend YoungStatic.

This tube expander is used to remove clamp dents in mufflers or tail pipes, and to exhaust system repair and install.

YoungStatic shows how to use those tubing to expand these pipes.

For YoungStatic, the biggest advantage of this Tube Expander Tool Kit Set is the convenience. For YoungStatic, the biggest advantage of this Tube Expander Tool Kit Set is the convenience. As he said: “ This turbo, it has a two inch outlet on the compressor housing, and most couple-rs I use is two and a half. So like I have said, if I have two inches piping line around, I can expand it like so and then butt this up to two, and a half, and weld it up, and then that’ll be our transition. Or if I need it on the spot, I can just do that weld it up, and that is my transition. So like I said this kit comes in handy for your average garage mechanic or auto enthusiast if you do a lot of fabrication.”

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