How to Install MaXpeedingRods coilovers on A 2007 8th Gen Honda Civic


Editor’s Note: This article was shared by a YouTuber Bulli Kid. He installed a new set of MaXpeedingRods coilovers for his Honda Civic. He introduced the installation process in detail and shared his own experience.

2007 8th Gen Honda Civic

Hey guys, today we are installing MaXpeedingRods coilovers on our 2007 8th gen honda civic. I’m going to give you my honest opinion on these MaXpeedingRods coilovers.

I have run a couple of suspension setups on this car between springs and coilovers so I have a good general idea of everything we did already.

Set the preload of the coilovers.

The original setup on the vehicle is Megan racing lowering springs with true hard sport shocks and the setup is pretty good. The ride height in my opinion is perfect. But these springs are progressive which means they’re soft in the beginning and then get harder as you go in a corner. That is a problem because they are unpredictable.

MaXpeedingRods coilovers are going to be much better because they have linear spring rates. The spring rate doesn’t change.

Undo three bolts and drop out the front strut shock combo.

The front is really easy, we’ll get this done real quick. I’ll weigh the coilovers versus the stock or aftermarket suspension so you guys can gauge how much they weigh.

11 pounds for the MaXpeedingRods front suspension. The stock shark should be very similar to this height of 13.4, so we’re actually saving 3.4 pounds in the front six pounds.

Adjust the camber plates.

adjustable civic coilover camber plate

You definitely want to keep these nuts together on the 8th gen civic so they fit the mounting surface on the top of the vehicle, but we’re going to do negative one degree of camber, we’re gonna set it right here and tighten it.

Run camber bolts in the vehicle for the bottom of the shock.

So right there is perfect we just got it set to a negative one tighten it down. First time actually having coilovers with camber adjustment plates, so I’m curious to see how that’s gonna work out. I’m going to dampen them to these 10 sets so we turn them all the way to the left.

The smaller the number is, the softer the rebound is. And the tighter the rebound is which means the shocks are gonna settle faster. But they are stiff springs compared to the Megan racing springs, so I still daily this car and I do want it somewhat comfortable.

To adjust the ride height, I will measure the height of the stock ones. And because the stock ones are these Megan racing ones are softer, I actually want to make these a little tighter so we’re measuring here from the base. We got about 19 inches.

Finally we got this installed. Everything fits pretty well.

We got the shock installed and we’re adjusting it lower so it can fit perfectly. The wheel gap is just how I like it to be. From the front, nice and low but not too crazy low and I like it a little bit higher in the rear end. Overall I’m pretty satisfied. The install went very smoothly and I’ve been pretty happy with the adjustability that they offer.


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