MaXpeedingRods Diesel Heater: Keep You out of The Cold


When we are working or camping outdoors in winter, cold weather or sudden cooling can cause us many problems,so it’s necessary to use a machine to warm our body and heat up the surrounding temperature.

Air heaters are devices used to heat air. If you want to keep out of cold or keep warm in the outside, MaXpeedingRods diesel heater is the best choose. The heater can raise the temperature of the surrounding space in a very short period of time. Our air heaters can be used anywhere, in tents, RVs, trucks, yachts, etc.

Many customers appreciate the diesel heater of MaXpeedingRods, because the Air Heaters only need 12V power supply working in extreme temperature, the working temperature of the Heater is -40℃~+50℃. It means the heater can work as usual even in the cold winter, or in the cold outdoors.

In the next two videos, our friends did unbox, setup and test for the heater. So let’s take a look at MaXpeedingRods diesel heater.

EW garage heater pumps out over 100 degrees celsius ready for winter! 
Full unboxing, setup and test of a Diesel Air Heater by MaXpeedingRods

For more information about air heater, please click: How to Properly Place and Install an Air Heater.


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