Reviving the Roar: Old Jeep’s Transformative Journey with Maxpeedingrods


In this captivating video by our friend @FENCE POSTS RUSTY GOATS, we join the team as they embark on the transformation journey of an old Jeep XJ Cherokee. Through the process of revamping, they replace crucial components including Maxpeedingrods’ Control Arm and Lift Kit. Let’s follow the video to see how the author transforms a beaten-up Jeep into an absolute beast!

At the beginning of the video, an old Jeep sits in long grass, a stark example of neglect. Its worn exterior reveals the signs of countless days past. Mud-coated tires and rusty frame, once ready for adventure, now cling to the earth as if reluctant to move. Insects have claimed it as their own, transforming the Jeep into an unexpected habitat. Abandoned and weathered, it makes us wonder, “How on earth can this vintage relic be refurbished?” Our friend then proceeds to provide us with the answer.

Next, he presents the parts that will be used for this transformation, including control arms and lift kit from Maxpeedingrods, and other parts like fuel pump, headlights, etc. @FENCE POSTS RUSTY GOATS and his friend then demonstrated in detail how to install these components. Maxpeedingrods’ control arms and lift kit evidently surprised him, as they could play a significant role in this refurbishment. Anyone who needs to know how to quickly install the lift kit and the control arm of Maxpeedingrods have to watch this.

As the author explains in the video, our control arm adjust the drive shaft angles and the diff. Moreover, it can also help improve suspension geometry to reduce bump steer, improve front suspension, handling, predictable response and even prevent premature tire wear. As for our lift kit, it precisely raises the front by 3 inches and the rear by 2 inches. Both of Maxpeedingrods’ products work perfectly.

And the result is pleasing, too. As you can see, our friend magically transformed an abandoned Jeep XJ Cherokee into a shiny and cool vehicle. as he expected in the beginning of the video, our lift kit can raise the car by 3 inches. The overall height of the car is satisfying, too. And our products have received his strong recommendation. What an incredible transformation journey, and Maxpeedingrods is honored to be a part of it!


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