The 1-GFE Engine Get the New T3 Turbo

MaXpeedingRods Turbo Review

Editor note: This article is kindly shared by Levente, the Youtuber LEVIHOOLIGAN. He is a mechanic as well as the head of a JDM car-related team, called Team WildSide. He will share his wonderful experience with MaXpeedingRods t3/t4 turbo from his personal perspective. Let’s find out what was surprised him!

MaXpeedingRods turbo
MaXpeedingRods t3 turbo on 1-GFE Engine

Hello, my name is Levi and I am from Hungary. Basically, I am a mechanic, but my profession is to customize Japanese sports cars for drifting. I have a few own project cars, such as my pro-level Nissan S13. In the life of drifting, one of the most important things is to practice. That is why I have a practice car next to my Nissan. It is a Lexus IS 200. Until I got jumped into this project this car was stock.

That is how my practice car’s story started with MaXpeedingRods. What are the most needings for a drift car. Locked differential, good suspension, and a little bit of power. I managed to lock the diff by welding. I started to search for an affordable but good quality suspension set for this car. After few minutes of searching, I found a set of good looking coilover on MaXpeedingRods site. I have worked with MaXpeedingRods products before so it was not a question anymore where to order my coilovers. It was an easy purchase, no doubt, I was comfortable with that.

Finally, we got to the state where I needed to decide how to make a little bit more power out of this weak engine, The 1-GFE engine makes about 150hp and is not that sporty characteristic. The only way was to put a turbo or a supercharger on it. I am not a big fan of superchargers so I decided to put a turbo on it.

MaXpeedingRods turbo
MaXpeedingRods t3 turbo on 1-GFE Engine

I heard before that MaXpeedingRods also make engine components not only suspension parts, so I looked over the website. I was amazed by how much turbo related stuff was on the site. Smaller turbo, bigger turbo, factory turbo, turbo for racing, turbo for street use, damn. After a few minutes of searching, I picked one of the T3 universal turbos which I knew was the best for my weak tiny engine. I also ordered a 300×600 bigboy intercooler in black colour because it looked also very good quality. I thought it will last minimum 2 or 3 weeks to get the stuffs from MaXpeedingRods but surprisingly they send me the whole package in a week. I also prepared the car for this work so we got the turbo and I could start to do the modifications.

When I opened the box of the turbo I was surprised because everything I needed was there in the box, like gaskets for the exhaust side, oil feed screw, shims, and everything. I was happy again. The only thing I needed to do is to put them together. Fortunately, everything was plug and play. I put on the manifold, so I could put the turbo on it. Finally, I have a turbo, thanks to MaXpeedingRods. Because of the good quality products I easily made the oil feed and drain to the oil pan. On these turbos you do not really have to do the water cooling, so I also did not do that. Only a few things to do left, and we could start the engine, I needed to put the intercooler system together, the wastegate, the piping and so. The black intercooler is my favorite. Light, good quality and very good looking.

MaXpeedingRods turbo
MaXpeedingRods t3 turbo on 1-GFE Engine

After 2 or 3 hours of working on the car I could finally start the car. After some crangings the car started and sounded wild. I only put a short exhaust system on it so It sounds like a real race car. I took the car for a ride and could not be happier. The turbo spools very fast, and sounds like a spaceship. We got the power and got the characteristic that I wanted. Thanks to MaXpeedingRods I managed to prepare my practice car before the season, so I hope I can do well in the championship.


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