Top 4 Common Generator Problems and Solutions


Before attempting to service the generator, the owner or service technician must first read the owner’s manual and understand and follow all safety instructions. Failure to follow all directions may result in EPA certification or product warranty issues, as well as serious personal injury, property damage, and even death.

Here are four common generator problems you might experience at some point during its lifespan and solutions for dealing with them correctly.

maxpeedingrods portable generators
MaXpeedingRods portable generators

01 Problem: Engine is running, but no electrical output

Potential Cause

  1. Reset breaker is tripped.Reset breaker is tripped.
  2. The power cord’s plug connector not tulty engaged in the inverter’s outlet.
  3. Faulty or defective power cord.
  4. Faulty or defective electrical appliance.
  5. The power cord’s plug connector not tulty engaged in the inverter’s outlet.
  6. Faulty or defective power cord.
  7. Faulty or defective electrical appliance.


  1. Reset the reset breaker (see Figure 1).
  2. Verity plug connector is firmty engaged in the inverters outlet.
  3. Replace power cord.
  4. Try connecting a known good appliance to verify the inverter is producing electrical power.
press in reset breaker
Figure 1: Press in reset breaker

02 Problem: Engine will not start or remain running while trying to start.

Potential Cause

  1. Inverter is out of gasoline.
  2. Fuel flow is Obstructed.
  3. Ditty air filter.
  4. Low oil level shutdown switch is preventing the unit from starting.
  5. Spark plug boot is not fully engaged With the spark plug tip.
  6. Spark plug is faulty.
  7. Dirty/plugged spark arrestor.
  8. Stale fuel.


  1. Add gasoline to the inverter.
  2. Inspect and clean fuel delivery passages.
  3. Check and clean the air filter(see Figure 4).
  4. Check oil level and add oil if necessary(see Figure 2).
  5. Firmly push down on the spark plug boot to ensure the boot is fully engaged.
  6. Remove and check the spark plug. Replace ‘t faulty.
  7. Check and clean the spark arrestor.
  8. Drain fuel and replace it with fresh fuel.
add engine oil
Figure 2: Add engine oil to the engine

03 Problem: Inverter suddenly stops running

Potential Cause

  1. Inverter is out Of fuel.
  2. The low oil shut switch has stopped the engine.
  3. Too much load.


  1. Check fuel level (see Figure 3). Add fuel if necessary.
  2. Check oil level and add oil if necessary(see Figure 2).
  3. Restart the inverter and reduce the load.
maximum gasoline fill level
Figure 3: maximum gasoline fill level

04 Problem: Engine runs erratically; does not hold a steady RPM

Potential Cause

  1. Choke was left in the CHOKE position.
  2. Dirty air filter.
  3. Applied loads maybe cycling on and off.


  1. Move choke to the RUN position
  2. Clean the air filter (see Figure 4).
  3. As applied loads cycle, changes in engine speed may occur; this is a normal condition.
unscrew air cleaner cover
Figure 4: unscrew air cleaner cover

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