Unveiling Our Top of the Line with @Texas Honda Channel

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@Texas Honda Channel, a very inspiring YouTuber, shows how to modify Honda/Acura Or Honda swapped vehicles on his channel. This time, he’s planning to unbox, install and road-test Maxpeedingrods’ newest COT7 coilovers on his Honda EJ8.

After unboxing, he jacked up the car for the installation. To remove the old coilovers, he did some preparations like removing the battery and adjusting the position of the control arm. After this, an unexpected twist occurred. While removing the old non-adjustable coilover, he mentioned its excellent performance in handling road bumps and adjusting the vehicle’s height to a satisfying level. It’s interesting that he initially believed it was a product from another brand he’s familiar with, however, to his surprise, as he removed them, Maxpeedingrods logo showed up! It turns out, this is one of Maxpeedingrods’ LCO coilovers, a former coilover series we produced.

As for our newest COT7 coilovers, as he mentioned in the video, one of the most significant advantages of COT7 coilovers is their adjustable spring rates and dampers, allowing us to go from street to track by clicking the knob. Besides, the racing damping oil ensures smooth driving and reliable damping force. Our friend also noticed the bonus of a rubber insulator on the top, which will improve the ride comfortability.

The old one’s off, the new one’s on. The next step is to disconnect the fork from the old coilovers and get them connected with COT7 coilovers. Our friend kindly advised us that if the bolts on the fork are difficult to remove due to rust, we can apply some lubricant, and the arrow side of the fork should point to the front end of the car when installing. After connection with the fork, he compared the heights of the old and COT7 coilovers, the old one was low enough, but the COT7 coilover is even lower.

And when you’re ready to throw in the coilovers, you could let other people hold up the coilover for you, but when you’re alone, you could also use a Jack to hold it up. Here is a little tip: push down the end of the sway bar with your foot, this way, you can operate more conveniently. During the installation process, he did not use our adapter, but it is recommended if your brake line requires it.

After installation, his brother cleaned up and painted the brakes, took out the old front headlight and put in a new one. Now this Honda EJ8 looks cool and shiny, let’s see how’s its performance on the road.

In the final road test, we reached a conclusion. @Texas Honda Channel informs us that the car with COT7 coilovers drives exceptionally smoothly, significantly reducing bumps, definitely outperforming COT6 coilovers, the previous generation of COT7. “It’s top-notch, I’ll give it an A-plus,” he said.

We’re thrilled that our friend is loving both our new and old products! That’s exactly what Maxpeedingrods aims for – letting customers score great products at a steal and elevating the experience for just a tad more. We’re all about being your gateway to performance driving!


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