Mike’s Twin-Turbo Modification & Big Show 

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(CAUTION: The modification actions depicted in this video are performed by professionals in a controlled environment. Please refrain from attempting to replicate them to prevent accidents.)

Today’s Youtuber, Mike, is a passionate automotive enthusiast, particularly skilled in engine modifications. He shares a lot of cool videos on his Youtube channel. The content of this video is Mike’s plan to transform two turbos from Maxpeedingrods (GGT2871-JD-Z2 ,  GGT3037-JD-Z2) into a twin-turbo setup for his AU Falcon and take it to participate in a two step competition of Friday Night Drifts. Let’s witness how Mike dazzles everyone with the “fireworks” he made.

First, let’s explore his plan for taking his car to the next level. The core of this mission is to show the beauty of tuning cars, so Mike wants to make surethat his AU Falcon not only looks attractive butalso gets a really good boost. He outlines a comprehensive upgrade plan, including adjustments to the manifold, the installation of an external wastegate, ECU tuning, fuel system upgrades, and the addition of rear coilovers. Besides, a j-pipe is swiftly assembled, painted, and integrated into the turbo setup. Of course, we can’t forget the star of this modification, Maxpeedingrods’ twin turbos. Mike shared hisexcitement as the car roars to life, and he proudly presented the car’s lowered suspension, perfectly complementing its overall aesthetic.

Almost done, they then installed the final pieces of the puzzle – a dose pipe, and the secret weapon – the ignition cut switch, designed to produce those exhilarating pops and bangs that crowds adore. Now everything is done, the car can really roar likea beast. Although they admit to going over budget, the final look and performance of the car leave them absolutely thrilled, there is no regret.

Finally, the big night at Calder Park Raceway is coming. It was such a wild and incredibly loud night with the crowd packed all around. Mike’s AU Falcon lined up side by side with two other cars, bursting with flames like a fire dragon, roaring loud enough that you barely can tell which is louder, the cheers of the crowd or the roaring of cars. The fiery atmosphere filled the scene and wrapped people’s euphoric hearts. That’s the moment we feel the joy of tuning cars. That’s how they staged an unforgettable engine fireworks show for the audience. In this performance, Mike’s AU Falcon stood out prominently, to the extent that the radiator hose even burst midway, creating a tremendous explosion, filling the scene with steam and flames. Obviously the crowd was dazzled. Mike made his show.

Mike was genuinely thrilled by the car’s performance. Apart from the radiator hose, the other components including Maxpeedingrods’ turbos continued to run perfectly, which showcases the excellent quality of our products. And they plan to take them to the dyno in the future to measure their power output, with expectations reaching an impressive 200 to 250 kilowatts. So everybody, stay tuned!

Maxpeedingrods has played a pivotal role in the transformation of the AU Falcon into a powerhouse of performance and excitement. This is a testament to the quality and reliability of Maxpeedingrods’ products.


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