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MaXpeedingrods coil-overs for Tesla Model 3 are the perfect addition to your vehicle if you’re looking to improve your driving experience. Lowering the coil-overs results in a more stable suspension, which leads to improved vehicle performance. Our coil-overs can lower the height adjustment from 1″ – 3″, depending on the vehicle model, allowing for a lowered center of gravity and an aggressive stance.

Coil-overs are a popular aftermarket suspension upgrade that can provide several benefits to Tesla Model 3 owners. A coil-over consists of a shock absorber with a coil spring wrapped around it. Coil-overs can be adjusted to alter the vehicle’s ride height, improve handling, and increase performance. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading to coil-overs on your Tesla Model 3:

Improved Handling: Coil-overs can significantly improve the handling of your Tesla Model 3. By lowering the center of gravity and reducing body roll, coil overs can improve cornering ability and provide a more stable and controlled ride. This can be especially beneficial for track days or spirited driving.

One of the standout features of our coil-overs is the 24 levels of adjustable damper, making it easy to adjust the rebound of the coil-overs to road conditions and personal preference for a more comfortable driving experience. Whether you prefer nice comfortable driving or more spirited driving, our coil-overs are perfect for you.

Our coil-overs also come with heavy-duty steel lower mounts that are highly durable and reliable, with a one-year warranty. The CNC-machined aluminum top mounts and lockers provide excellent strength while saving weight.

At a reasonable price, our coil-overs are an affordable upgrade to your Tesla Model 3 that will provide you with improved handling and a more enjoyable driving experience. Don’t settle for a standard suspension setup – upgrade to MaXpeedingrods coil-overs and take your driving to the next level.

coil-overs for Tesla Model 3

Company details

 Maxpeedingrods is a global brand that focuses on providing high-quality replacement auto parts to improve the driving experience of customers worldwide. With our slogan “YOUR GATEWAY TO PERFORMANCE DRIVING,” our brand’s mission is to provide excellent products and service while keeping our passion for making good items alive.

One of our most popular products is our coil overs, which are designed to improve the performance of your vehicle and enhance your driving experience. Here are some unique features and benefits of our coil overs that will make your vehicle stand out:

Benefits for customers

  1. Lowered height adjustment: Our coil-overs allow for a lowered height adjustment of 1″ – 3″ (depending on the vehicle model), which adds an aggressive stance and lowers the center of gravity for improved handling. By choosing MaXpeedingrods coil-overs, you’ll be upgrading your Tesla Model 3’s suspension system with a high-quality product that has been engineered to provide improved performance and handlingA coilover upgrade from us provides a reliable and long-lasting upgrade to your vehicle’s suspension during performance driving. Don’t settle for a standard suspension setup – upgrade to MaXpeedingrods coil-overs and experience the difference in handling and performance.

Adjustable pre-load spring tension: Our coil overs also feature adjustable pre-load spring tension, which reduces shaking motion to a certain extent. The spring rate is 10kg/mm(560lbs/in) for both front and rear, with spring lengths of 200mm for the front and 220mm for the rear, and inner diameters of 70.5mm for the front and 100mm for the rear.

the adjustable spring

3. Adjustable Camber Plate and Pillow ball top mount: For some models, our coil-overs come with adjustable camber plates and pillow ball top mounts, which sharpen steering response for improved handling.

4.  24 levels of adjustable damper: Our coil-overs feature 24 levels of adjustable damper, allowing you to perfectly dial in your coil-over system for a comfortable driving experience or more spirited driving, or even occasional track days.


5. CNC-machined Aluminum top mounts and lockers: Our coil overs feature CNC machined Aluminum top mounts and lockers, which provide excellent strength and save weight. When you choose MaXpeedingrods coil-overs, you can trust that each component has been carefully engineered and manufactured to provide the best possible performance and driving experience.

6.  Heavy-duty steel lower mounts: Our coil-overs come with heavy-duty steel lower mounts, which are highly durable and reliable, and come with a one-year warranty.


With our coil overs, you’ll not only improve the performance of your vehicle but also enhance your driving experience. We take pride in providing our customers with excellent products and service, and we’re confident that our coil overs will exceed your expectations.

In conclusion, coil overs can be a valuable upgrade for Tesla Model 3 owners who want to improve handling, adjust the ride height, and increase performance. However, it’s important to ensure that they are installed correctly and to consider the impact on your vehicle’s warranty. With proper installation and maintenance, coil overs can be a great addition to any Tesla Model 3.


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