Why choose an inverter generator?


Editor’s Note: In general, the traditional generator and the inverter generator are different in noise level, protection level, weight size, aesthetics, and prices.

inverter generator MXR1500

Fuel Efficiency

Most conventional generators run at a constant RPM and are fuel inefficient. Whereas the inverter generator will adjust itself according to the load of the motor, thus with the same fuel tank and power, the running time is longer.

Less Noise

The Inverter Generator has a closed acoustic enclosure with acoustic foam. The muffler uses a unique multi-silencer design and thicker acoustic foam in all directions.

Portable & lightweight

More compact and lighter, easy to transport and carry.

Clean power for sensitive electronics

Output pure sine wave, making it safe to run laptops, cellphones, tablets, and other sensitive electronics.

Whereas regarding traditional generators, power is delivered directly from the engine to the control panel, meaning that the electricity generated is not necessarily “clean”.


Applied overload protection function, automatic oil shutdown, and alarm function; parallel power can realize dual power.

Easy to use

With indicator lights design: Output, Overload, Low Oil

inverter generator MXR3500


The traditional generator has no sound insulation cover outside the unit, and the noise is slightly louder, which is suitable for use in environments with low noise requirements. For example, outdoor construction, construction sites, and outdoor operations.

The inverter generator has low noise, which is also a major feature of this type of unit. It is suitable for vehicle use, RV modification, advertising/medical vehicle, offices, residential areas, etc.


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