Alexander Rodriguez’s Honda Civic 2008

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Customer’s Voice

Upon their arrival, the coilovers were boxed in a clean, protective fashion. They looked awesome and felt well built. During installation, the 8th generation Civic Si aided me with its ease of access to the front struts. I believe the front coilovers had been preloaded before shipment.

After the install, I was eager to test the new suspension. The coilovers felt strong and confident. I was pleasantly surprised at this, seeing how they go for no more than $400. I was expecting to feel like a shopping cart. Now, of course, it was no Rolls. But that isn’t the goal, and it isn’t a shopping cart. I drove around for a few days, hearing no noises and feeling no abnormalities. I ripped around corners like Ken Miles and cruised around them like my Grandmother. It felt amazing.

After the fifth day of driving my normal routes, I began to hear a popping sound coming from the upper portion of the front coilovers. This sound would only occur during low-speed turning or weight changes. Never at a speed above 15mph did I hear a peep. After pulling the wheels off and doing a bit of research, I learned that the pillow ball upper mounting plate could use a greasing. Since I was hearing the slight pop on both sides, I decided to grease one pillowball mount more than the other. After two days of driving, I no longer hear the popping on the side that I greased well. This popping never changed the performance or the feel of the coilovers. Luckily, there seems to be a quick and easy fix to the issue. I plan to address the side that still slightly pops. It’s more of an annoyance than a functionality concern. I feel as though this very minor “defect” can be prevented without issue. It’s something that I would overlook, prevent, and go on to enjoy my coilovers. So I did.

My little FA5 handles like a go-kart, and I do not have even the slightest regret with my choice. After my experience with MaXpeedingRods, I recommend the product stated above. These coilovers look great and feel even better, I wouldn’t choose another brand.


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