Are T7 Coilover Better Than Before? Read Racer’s Review


T7 coilovers is the new series that is enhanced handling, designed for junior track use, but are new coilovers better than before? In this post, Dylan will give you a simple review.

Racer Profile: Dylan is a German drift driver who is passionate about engines, motorsport competitions and exhibitions. He always builds cars himself and makes drifting part of his life.

Vehicle: BMW E36 328I

T7 coilovers and Dylan


My first impression of the coilovers was that they appeared to be made well and nothing stood out that looked bad or low quality that I noticed. My first impression of the coilovers was that they appeared to be made well and nothing stood out that looked bad or low quality that I noticed. I found that the T7 series features new and improved changes both to their previous models as well as other competing brands. The front is 12 kilograms and the spring rate for the rear is 9 kilograms. and spring load is 7 to 10 millimeters. these things are super nice and it came with nice hardware and was really cool. We have mounted the coilovers on the car, these new ones have a pillow ball mount and a rubber mount which reduces the noise when you drive.  They also have new lower mounts making damping settings easier.

The coilovers that I got were the E46 fully adjustable coilovers which have the ability to adjust the height. And spring preload and have 24-way damper adjustability, which gives you full suspension travel and allows you to set the spring load. They are perfect for the modified street car that will see the occasional track day.

However, I meet a little difficulty when I install them, when turning to loosen the adjustment screw comes out completely. Fortunately, Maxpeedingrods machinist shared a video for solving this issue, everything goes well currently.

Track Use Test

I think the spring rate of coilovers depends on the power of the car a car of 200 hp setting 9 at the front and 11 at the rear can go. But I have more than 600 hp so I have to be more flexible on the rate so that the car crashes on the back to have more adherence to the ground.

BMW E36 with T7 coilovers

Now the coilovers feel good, this weekend we were able to ride with the coilovers, the coilovers did their job really well, and the car was very stable and easy to drive but we had to put our springs on those of the back (7 kg) because they were a little too hard. so, I have one point at this stage. Create a front and rear spring hardness option system (example 2, 3 different sets in the package) so that you can easily change according to the power of the car, the dry or wet weather of the track in relation to the grip of the car.

Editor’s Note: When we designed the spring rate of the E36, our previous version was F8/R7, but market research shows that most competitors make a spring rate with a softer front and a hard rear, and considering that the E36 is a rear-drive car, the spring rate of COT7 is front 9 and rear 11. what do you think of it? Do you need a custom spring rate?


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