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Devices that heat the air are called air heaters. They include space heaters and forced air products of every variety. By moving air past a heat source with a fan or blower, forced air products regulate and control the temperature of the air. Heat is absorbed by the air current as it passes through the heater, which causes the air to exit the heater at a higher temperature. In order to heat the objects nearby, radiant heaters radiate heat from a point source. The resulting free-flowing convection cycle heats the surrounding air mass as a result of the temperature difference. Self-contained space heaters can run using either of the aforementioned techniques. So are you in need of an air heater that is smart in nature and yet easy to use? Your search surely stops here.  Maxpeedingrods Air Heater is a one-stop solution that bears all the properties you might desire these winters.

maxpeedingrods air heater


Maxpeedingrods Air Heaters bear the most unexceptional properties. Let’s find out how these air heaters outstand the others:

Use Anywhere – The heater is completely enclosed in an iron shell, making it simple to install, operate, and carry about. The small footprint of the structure makes it ideal for automobiles, outdoor camping, greenhouses, etc.

Smarter: Download the “Parking Electric” app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices and allows for Bluetooth remote operation of the warmer. The outside vehicle may be preheated and defrosted without having to leave your house.

Automatic Altitude Compensation – In plateau mode, the heater can operate at heights of up to 16,000 feet, keeping the temperature steady without your input and assisting you in maintaining your peace of mind.

Energy Efficient – The heater consumes 36 watts of power and an average of 0.16 to 0.48 liters of diesel per hour; this is a significant improvement in performance while using less energy.

Strong Heating Capability – The heater guarantees speedy heating. The device bears an adjustable range of 3,400 to 17,000 BTUs, and the heating capacity may be adjusted to variable heat criteria. Additionally, the ventilation mode enables air exchange prior to and following heater use.

Please take note that items that consist of electrical plugs are made for usage in the US. Because outlets and voltage differ from country to country, this device might require an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. So Before you buy, kindly verify how much compatible is device.


1. Automatic Altitude Compensation (16,000 feet): Convenient, supports automatic altitude adjustment, no manual adjustment. When running at greater altitudes than when working at sea level, this gadget produces more air or less fuel. A lot of the automatic altitude-correcting devices react to variations in air pressure.

2. Effective Heating Function: fast heating with minimal fuel and power use: 36 watts of power and 0.16–0.48 liters of diesel per hour. A heat pump is the only technique to use electricity to generate more heat than electric resistance heating. The cost of operating one of these electric heaters is roughly one-third that of a heat pump. They function similarly to a refrigerator or air conditioners.

3. Flexible Mounting: Simple installation and widespread use: The small footprint of the structure makes it ideal for automobiles, outdoor camping, greenhouses, etc. No of their size or shape, flexible heaters deliver heat directly to the appropriate components. These flexible heaters are lightweight, they do not interfere with moving parts in applications where the weight of the component might affect how well it performs.

4. Smarter: Bluetooth® remote control and the “Parking Electric” app: It is always a smart idea to invest in a quality heater that will turn up the temperature in your room and shield you from the weather.

So it’s time to say goodbye to the winters and stay with comfort everywhere!


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