MaXpeedingRods Sponsors the Carmageddon Car Show to Support Texas’ Students


On September 12th, MaXpeedingRods is sponsoring the Carmageddon car show presented by the West Texas Region Sports Car Club of America, taking place in Amarillo, Texas. The SCCA is known for hosting racing, time attack, autocross, and much more across the United States and has been around since 1944. As such, their events are very well-known and are a big deal in the world of automotive racing and competition.

Though this isn’t a racing event, the Carmageddon car show serves a great purpose in furthering motorsport and its participants by way of opening doors for future participants and those seeking careers in the automotive field.

The Carmageddon car show is free for the public to attend and runs from 11 AM to 3 PM On September 12th, 2021. It is being held at the East Campus of Amarillo College. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles of all ages and from all origins are welcome to come participate. So, if you are in the area and this event is of interest to you, come say hi!

West Texas Region Sports Car Club of America
Shannon Pitre in WTRSCCA

The Carmageddon car show is held annually to raise money for the WTRSCCA’s “Wrench It” scholarship program that provides school funding to Amarillo College students pursuing careers in the trade and automotive industry. 

The event features nearly 100 vehicle entries competing for top rewards in four different categories. The categories are Classic cars, Very Old Classic Cars, Modern Cars, and Import cars. With such a vast population in Texas, the turnout is sure to create some fierce competition and an enjoyable experience for fans of every type of vehicle, old or new.

As a title sponsor, MaXpeedingRods not only make money donation to support the event and award scholarship, but also provide first-place winners from each of the four categories listed previously with 1,000 points. These points are redeemable for merchandise of equal dollar amounts from the MaXpeedingrods website.

MaXpeedingRods Giving Insight To Local Racing Events
MaXpeedingRods Giving Insight To Local Racing Events

Earlier this month, we sponsored a racing event in Spain called A Full De Mango, which is a 12-hour event that hosts racing fanatics from Spain and opens a racing circuit to both grip driving and drifting and combines it with a massive music festival.

Additionally, we became an official sponsor for the 2021 French Drift Championship. This allows FDC’s professional drivers such as Pierre Cormier to truly put our components to the test and prove their ability to withstand stresses under extreme track-use conditions.

MaXpeedingRods looks forward to continued sponsorship opportunities and participation in car culture events worldwide!


  1. Hey MaxpeedingRod, I’m building a Dodge Magnum SXT trim, but my future plans are to drop a Hellcat motor in her… Probably in a year or 2, but I’m looking for suspension help. I have a set from you now; full coilovers, but haven’t installed them you… Work hours, but plan on doing it in a few weeks, I’m just wondering about the new system you guys just made. I saw a video on YouTube the other day and I’m very interested in them; any help with this build would be greatly appreciated.. FYI this will be a Drag Mag, but also a daily driver, I want her to be the best looking Magnum in the South, I’m in the US??

  2. Hey my name is Mustafa and I have built a Hyundai Getz and wanted to know if you guys would sponsor me to keep me going forward. Atm I needed a 3076 turbo t3 v band dump housing
    And if you can send me some coilovers that would be good as well
    I can do a few videos on installing them and definitely give you a shoutout 👍.
    Probably should mention
    I got 20,000 followers on TIKTOK
    Idk if that’s good enough for a sponsorship


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