Common Question & Answer about MXR Inverter Generator

MaXpeedingRods Blog | An Automotive Blog from MaXpeedingRods - Common Question & Answer about MXR Inverter Generator

We received so many messages from customers inquiring about product-related issues. To ensure that all customers have a good shopping experience, in this passage we have summarized the 10 most frequently asked questions about our generator.

MaXpeedingRods Blog | An Automotive Blog from MaXpeedingRods - Common Question & Answer about MXR Inverter Generator

Q1. What size generator do I need for my small business or home?


MXR5000 is designed for home urgency and small business, Since every business and residence is different, we are happy to help you configure the best option.

Q2. What will a 3000-watt MXR generator run?


An MXR 3300 generator will be able to start and run the most common refrigerators. Most refrigerators require at least 1200 watts to get started. That leaves you with 1700 watts for other things like your microwave and hairdryer. It’s lightweight and put from one place to another easily, perfect for RV camping, and DIY projects.

Q3. So, I have about 1/3 tank of gas in this- is it safe to store the generator in my basement while not using it?


No, it’s dangerous. Don’t store gasoline in your basement. Or in your small engine equipment especially your generator.

Gasoline goes ‘stale’ (varnish precipitates out and such) and maybe plug up intake/carburet oration. This could happen in a few months and will be highly likely in 1-to 2 years. Then, it will not start without some real work when you need it most.

You should do something to store the generator:

1) run your generator to empty;

2) store your gas in a can far away from your house;

3) refresh the gas in the can every 6-12 months.

4) put the old gas in your car and put new gas in the can.

The only way to go! Another approach (but not as good) is to add just a bit of STA-BIL to your gas as it prolongs fuel stability.

Q4. Can I plug in my 30-amp RV’s shore power plug to this generator and run the ac?


You can as long as you have the RV adapter and as long as 3300w is enough to power your AC. If 3300w is not sufficient, you can always buy two of these a parallel them together.

Q5. Can 2 MXR2300 inverters be run in tandem or does one have to be a companion model?

Yes, two MXR2300 generators run in parallel, the output power is: (1800+1800) *0.9=3240W.
If you need less than 3680W, generators can be run in parallel by our parallel cable. If more than 3680W, a parallel kit is necessary.

Q6. Do I need to reject it for high altitude?

Our generators can be used in areas below 5000ft. Using over 5000ft, the efficiency of the generator’s engine will drop (by roughly 4.5% per 1000 ft). The unit may have difficulties starting, and spark plug fouling.

Q7. Can it be used to charge the #1 battery for starting my boat should it die on the water?

Sure, in theory, it can be used when the tilt angle is not more than 15 degrees. But it is recommended to use the generator on the ground.

Q8. I see this is water-resistant. Can it be used when it rains?

Answer: Sounds like a bad idea. Water-resistant probably means resistant to rain as there are drainage holes on the bottom plate. But it would be dangerous if water washes up and the generator immerses in water.

Q9. How much does the MXR3300 generator weight?

The dry weight of the MXR3300 generator at 46.2 lbs without oil and fuel. Adding the approximate weight of 15 fl. Oz. of 10W-30 motor oil (0.8 lb.) And 1.05 gal of gasoline in a full tank (5.8 lbs.) Brings the total weight to around 64 lbs.

Q10. How much gasoline does the tank hold?

The fuel tank capacity of the MXR3300 generator is 01.05 gallons (4L). Keep it running for about 8.3 hrs with a full tank of fuel at 1/4 load (750W). More specs can be found in the listing.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about your generator.



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