March Madness Sale 2020 at MaXpeedingRods: Pre Your Car For The New Season


March seems to be a slow shopping month. The last major sales holiday was Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day in February. That leaves march be one of the interim before the flurry of Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Father’s Day sales start coming.

March Madness Sale 2020 On MaXpeedingRods

So what should you buy in March? While there’s no dedicated sales day during the month, MaXpeedingRods gives are some exclusive offers for you in March:
Get $15 discount for all orders over 200USD (CODE: March15)
Get $25 discount for all orders over 300USD (CODE: March25)
Get $35 discount for all orders over 400USD (CODE: March35)
Browse the homepage to learn about the best auto parts to buy in March, and prepare your car for the new season.


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